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Exciting updates from giffgaff pioneers



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Together with our members, anything is possible. This is a phrase that is taken very seriously at giffgaff. If you’re not aware, giffgaff has a fantastic community of members who like to get involved and help shape the future of giffgaff. giffgaff pioneers is a community who do just that.

Today I’m going to share an update with you all sharing what our members have been co-creating with giffgaff so far this year.

Co-creating the new giffgaff app.

The giffgaff app has needed a bit of TLC. Last year we had lots of giffgaff pioneers take part in our beta program by testing and using the beta app with the new code.

Over the course of the beta period we learnt loads thanks to our beta users. Here’s just a few things we’ve worked on together: - Fixing a whole load of bugs - Buying a goodybag with credit journey - Adding credit with a voucher - Buying a queued goodybag - Tweaked some experiences based on feedback

To help the app team co create the app with member’s involvement we’ve been sharing the development process with Trello. This means everyone can know what the team is working on and when they can get involved.

If you want to get involved, head on over to the community thread here.

The giffgaff app in the android playstore
The giffgaff app in the android playstore

2-step verification

At giffgaff we take security very seriously. That is why at the end of last year, our member product team carried out some research on 2-step verification. We sent out a survey where 489 of you answered, and 6 members visited the giffgaff office to talk to us and take a look at our 2-step verification journey.

From their research, they’ve discovered how they will go about implementing a 2-step verification for all members. The team is still working on the implementation of this feature so hopefully we will have more news to share next time.

Improving the help journey

As giffgaff doesn’t have a call centre it’s important that our self help tools are intuitive to find as well as contain all the relevant information. That means we’re continuously trying to improve these self help tools.

The Help team’s goal is to make it easier for members to solve any problems they have without needing to contact an agent. Recently a few members were contacting agents asking to close their accounts.

There have been two parts to solving this problem. First we invited 6 members to the office to talk to our help team. They helped the team identify how members look for help to close their account on our site. That helped the team discover that they needed to speak to more to prove an assumption.

To gather more insight, we sent an open ended question survey to a random group of pioneers to find out how they think they can close their account. With over 60 responses, the team could confidently design and implement a minimalist feature that could solve the issue for most members. Thanks everyone for all your help.

This is a screenshot from what happens once you close your account.
This is a screenshot from what happens once you close your account.

Introducing Qualtrics

The last big bit of news I’d like to share with you today is about the future of pioneers. 2019 was a really exciting year with members at the heart of lots of product development and decisions made at giffgaff, and I’m so proud of all members who have got involved.

We have partnered up with a company called Qualtrics who have a panel management tool that will help us manage our community of pioneers. We’ll be able to offer more opportunities to get involved in projects that they care about around the gaff, share how they have as individuals helped, and have their feedback listened to and acted on faster.

I’m very excited to start working with Qualtrics and use this tool to co-create with all our pioneers. We already have 2 projects coming up so keep your eyes peeled for your emails.

Thanks so much for reading. I’m looking forward to when we can see some of you lovely people back in our office again.

Written by amy_b_d

Amy is a member engagement manager at giffgaff. She primarily manages the giffgaff pioneer community.