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How Roam Like at Home improved our holiday experience



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Roam Like At Home was introduced in June 20017 and finally ended the nightmare of roaming charges when travelling abroad - no more shelling cash out to use our phones for the the everyday things we take for granted when we’re at home. Thanks to Roam Like At Home, we can venture to other European countries and roam freely on our phones.

It’s been just over a year since this new regulation was passed, much to the delight of travellers and holidaymakers all over Europe. There are plenty of benefits to Roam Like At Home, but here are the top five for most people:

Save money


Going on holiday means having to spend, spend, spend; at least now, roaming on your phone is no longer an expense. Travellers can now use their mobile plan allowance in another country instead of paying for roaming charges. This means you can make and receive calls, send texts and use your data without having to pay extra - what’s the downside?



The Roam Like At Home feature is available no less than 47 countries throughout Europe. This has encouraged many people to travel to shores they may never have set foot upon, safe in the knowledge that they can stay connected to everyone near and dear back home, without having to pay any roaming charges to check in on them.

Secondly, hotel Wi-Fi is generally pretty slow, not to mention the limited number of devices you are able to connect to it. Roam Like At Home now means everyone can enjoy the use of their connected devices, without any limitations.

Beat the crowds

Traffic jam

Thanks to Roam Like At Home, you can now avoid the traffic jams and hold ups and find the easiest, quickest routes to your tourist destinations. You aren’t paying for roaming charges, so downloading apps like Waze and Beat the Traffic won’t cost you a penny to use, meaning you can spend more time and less money enjoying the attractions and excursions your holiday includes.

Peace of mind


The ability to contact your loved ones when abroad, free of charge, has eased the minds of many worried holidaymakers. If you have elderly relatives or somebody house sitting for you while you’re away, you needn’t worry about paying through the nose just to check up on them.

Roam Like At Home gives you the means to ensure all is well at home, which will allow you to relax and enjoy your holiday even more as it takes away the stress of worrying about what’s happening while you are abroad.

More activities


Now that you don’t need to pay for roaming in Europe, you can now use your data to research things to do in the area you are visiting. If you have a quiet day or a trip gets cancelled, you can now roam like you’re at home and discover brand new activities and tourist spots you can visit instead, without having to pay the added data charges.

Written by hellen_b

Hellen is a content expert at giffgaff.