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Best apps to help protect your kids online



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With technology and the internet forever changing, it becomes easier for kids to be exposed to an online world we are often afraid of them being a part of. From kids being exposed to explicit videos, to online bullies and streams of uncensored content, it’s important that parents keep children protected from the dangers of browsing the internet.

As well as manually managing privacy settings on Facebook and other apps that kids use, to prevent children sharing content and images online to a public audience, there are many apps that can really help to protect your kids online.

Today, giffgaff bring you a round-up of the best apps to protect your kids, online. So keep them safe; start downloading.

1. Youtube Kids

Kids love to watch the latest episode of Peppa Pig on YouTube during a car journey or and airport trip. Unfortunately, this means children are at risk of being exposed to inappropriate content for their age range, since YouTube is a platform filled a wide range of videos, for all different age groups.

That’s why YouTube Kids has been created, to let kids watch the programmes they want to on your (or their) device safely and securely. The app provides nothing other than video content for children, taking away the risk factor

2. Qustodio

Qustodio is a handy app that monitors kids’ phone and social media usage, even allowing parents to schedule times when the device can be used. This app also helps parents to understand how children are using their phones and what for; putting parents completely in control.

3. Norton Family Parental Control

Norton Family Parental Control is a fantastic app for safety, particularly for big families as parents can manage a number of different devices on one platform. This nifty app also allows parents to control screen time, to set guidelines for how long kids spend online each day.

4. ESET Parental Control (Android)

This app is great for filtering what is available to your kids, while also blocking inappropriate content and checking their location. Parents can therefore be sure their kids aren’t accessing unsuitable content online and prevent unwanted attention from inappropriate online users.

5. SafeToNet

Launching this month, SafeToNet has been designed to block ‘sexts’ and prevent online bullying, even including an individual app disabler. It cleverly monitors your children’s patterns in mobile phone usage; detecting if patterns change while maintaining privacy for children, since parents cannot access what their child sends and receives from their mobile.

This app offers a wide selection of safety features, including help and advice for children who find themselves in a difficult situation while online, ‘sext’ filtering, content filtering and the ability to safeguard information.

Written by hellen_b

Hellen is a content expert at giffgaff.