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giffgaff supports Black communities



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At giffgaff, we are big supporters of diversity and inclusion.

Back in June, we made a commitment to support the BLM movement and we are taking active steps to stand by that decision. We recently joined #BrandShareTheMic - as a way to give a platform to inspiring individuals from the Black community to share their positive stories that challenge negative stereotypes. We were joined by Tiwalola Ogunlesi - A confidence coach, who used our Instagram channel to share her tips on dealing with negative thoughts and developing a positive mindset. She was inspiring.

Our efforts didn’t stop there. We’ve also donated a sum of £8.5K split equally amongst 5 charities that support Black communities across the UK. It was a tough choice - given all those wonderful charities out there, but working alongside Neighbourly we were finally able to make a choice. These 5 charities are truly exceptional local, grassroots charities, diverse in age, geographical location and support. The charities that we are supporting are UACS, Hapani, BlackOut, Centre for African Entrepreneurship and Adira.

Here is a peek into all the wonderful work these charities are doing and the impact that our donations have had on them.

UACS - Focussing on loneliness and isolation in the elderly community - initially started to support to tackle discrimination and promote equality for people of Caribbean and African decent and now welcome people of all heritages in Ealing/Acton London.

How are they using the funds?

The donations will benefit almost 100 people per week. They are using the funds to organise support events and provide the essentials for the elderly.

The community we serve will benefit enormously at this time as we will be able to provide not only food produce but more household and hygiene products. We will also be able to cover more postage by providing more helpful exercise sheets and quizzes to our newsletter


Supporting people from the Horn of Africa and beyond in Northern Ireland. The charity refugees and asylum seekers to help them integrate in their local communities.

How are they using the funds

Supporting around 96 people, the charity is using the funds to organise activities and sporting events for youngsters.

The giffgaff grant will enable our young people to engage in physical activities such as football, basketball, and running. Before COVID 19 young people were able to do outdoor activities that they enjoy doing. However, COVID 19 has restricted movement of people and gatherings, resulting in young people being less physically active.Since the government has eased the lockdown, we believe this will be an excellent opportunity for our young people to get involved in physical activities and a BBQ. For many low-income families, refugees and asylum-seeking families with young people, their circumstances tend to be much more stressful under a period of isolation, boredom, and loneliness. This grant will give young people the opportunity to engage in critical activities that help them to improve mental and physical health during these difficult times. Finally, we are grateful for this generous donation.


This charity supports Black gay, bi and trans men in the UK. Black Out gives a platform for social interaction, workshops, events and support sessions to help Black gay men.

How are they using the funds

The charity supports 150 per week. This grant will enable them to deliver great content and grow membership on their digital app the BLKOUTHUB - directly connecting Black queer men with vital services and the support, reducing isolation and loneliness.

ALL Black Lives matter - this grant will help us to be a more visible and vital part of Black communities across the UK. In the face of persistent racism and homophobia, this funding will help to improve the connections and confidence of Black queer men, thwarting divide and conquer tactics, instead creating solidarity that defines and empowers.

Centre for African Entrepreneurship

This charity supports and promotes entrepreneurship in the Black and Refugee community in Swansea. Centre for African Entrepreneurship helps in encouraging these people to start their own business, setting it up and also guides them in becoming successful at it.

How are they using the funds

The charity supports 150 people per week. This funding will go towards wellbeing and mental health support of the BAME community affected by the pandemic. The donation will help people who’ve lost their jobs and those working in high risk jobs and also provide them with remote and online services.

The CAE is very grateful to the GiffGaff grant for their support which will contribute to our effort to keep the BAME community in Swansea informed, mentally healthy, and safe.


Supporting communities of Black women suffering from abuse and/or mental health issues in Sheffield. During the pandemic they’ve delivered food to vulnerable community members and run online conferences and listening services on mental health and help them deal with trauma and grief.

How are they using the funds

During the pandemic, the charity is using the funds to support people who’ve lost their jobs. They will also be using these funds later to provide Christmas hampers for community members and families in need.

This grant will help provide Christmas hampers to our community members who are most in need, enabling them to feed themselves and their families on Christmas day which will have a huge positive impact on their mental health.

If you wish to support these charities like us, then you can donate through the dedicated Neighbourly page.

Written by shainak

Shaina is a Content and Engagement Manager at giffgaff