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giffgaff gives back to the planet this Black Friday



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At giffgaff we do mobile differently. We like to challenge the established ways and change things for the better. We are always looking for ways to give back - both to our planet and our people. So, whether it’s our products or services, our campaigns or adverts, we always try to choose the sustainable and responsible routes that have a wider social and environmental impact.

Recently, we’ve been taking active steps to promote the concept of circular economy - which means creating a circular loop for products so that whatever we create can be repurposed and as little is disposed of.

Through our new Black Friday campaign - Check Your Drawers we are encouraging our members to take a good look at their drawers and find those old, unused phones that are lying safely hidden and have been forgotten about.

We’ve partnered with LADbible and social influencer Manga St Hilaire for this campaign and, together with LadBible, we’ve also been doing some serious fact finding. Did you know that there are over 55 million phones sat in the drawers, unused in the UK. Bonkers isn’t it?

We are often chasing the next or the new thing but this is having a serious impact on our environment and the planet. So, this Black Friday we are taking one more step towards our sustainability commitment and encouraging our members to follow the circular phone economy model to reduce waste.

What is giffgaff’s circular economy model for phones?

When you find an old phone, you can do one of these three things:

Refurbish it

See if you can trade in your phone with us. Before it goes to a new home, we’ll give it a nice tidy. And we’ll give you some cash in return. Win-win. Just visit our Sell My Phone page here.

Sell my phone

Recycle it

If your phone’s a bit too old or damaged to be refurbished, we’ll help you find your nearest recycling point via our partners Recycle Your Electricals. While recycling your phone won’t get you any cash, you will be doing a lot of good to the environment. It’s definitely something to be pleased about. Note: Please follow the Government’s Covid guidelines. You can get your phone ready to go, but please don’t make a trip to your recycling point until it’s safe to do so.

Find a recycle point

Gift for good

If your phone can be refurbished, we’ll give you the option to donate the value of it to charity. You can choose whether to make a donation of 10%, 25%, 50%, or 100%. This money will then go to the Neighbourly Foundation to fund grassroots charities.

Gift for good

So, let’s make the most of this Black Friday and do our bit by putting our old phones to good use and help the planet.

Written by shainak

Shaina is a Content and Engagement Manager at giffgaff