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“The greatness of a community can most accurately be measured by the compassionate actions of its members” - Coretta Scott King

goodybank is a great example of that where members have continuously shown support to so many diverse communities across the country in such a short span.

This is how the community funds have been distributed across communities this week

Snapshot of how the funds contributed to the community funds are being distributed. £1million+ total collaborative fund. 2,500+ projects supported.

Here are stories from two diverse communities we’ve supported this week.

Diversity Lewes

A charity that celebrates diversity and runs programmes and services in and around Lewes to raise awareness on the social issues affecting the community. They support around 80 people per week.

How are they using the funds?

They are using the funding for basic essentials, running costs and to get PPE disinfectants and sanitisers

Members of Radharaman society perform at an event hosted by Diversity Lewis
The donation will assist in buying PPE for our volunteers and allow the coordination of projects within the Lewes district that includes Refugees, Asylum seekers and BAME members of the community to access information on Covid-19 and services like food banks.

Nations Africa Centre

The Nations Africa Centre is a charity centred around diversity and social cohesion. As part of their work they also run a community café and food bank.

How are they using the funds?

During this time they have supported a growing number of beneficiaries and extended services by:

  • Distributing food surplus from more than 22 shops in greater London and in-kind donations from various businesses from across the UK; to 9 NHS hospitals, 19 charities and institutions
  • Donating 952 3D printed face masks to NHS frontline workers
  • Opened a food bank at Middlesex university- Delivering 120 food parcels per week on average in Greater London
  • Delivering counselling sessions and wellbeing sessions on the phone for NHS staff and our beneficiaries
image on funds distribution

These are just some of the beautiful stories of how we’re all helping communities through these tough times.

To read about the goodybank stories click here

goodybank is here to support our members, so, if you can’t leave the house to buy a voucher, or are struggling to get credit or a goodybag, get in touch with our agents. They’re here to help.

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Written by shainak

Shaina is a Content and Engagement Manager at giffgaff