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How to sell my phone and get the most cash



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So, it’s coming to the end of your contract and you’re looking forward to upgrading to a swish new phone. If you don’t want to hold on to your old phone, why not sell it for some extra cash. Wondering what you do to get it up for sale, or where to go to sell it, fret not, we’ve got you covered.

Did you know giffgaff offer a refurbished phone service, where you can trade in your old phone? We’ve added recycled phones to our phone range. So that means you tech-savvy lot can get the latest and greatest phones for cheap as chips, well, maybe not as cheap as chips but you get the point.

Here are our top tips for selling your old phone to giffgaff.

How does the giffgaff recycle work?

Our giffgaff Marketplace is super easy to use, there are just 4 steps to the whole process:

  1. Get a price for your phone right away here (
  2. We’ll send you all the prepaid packaging you need. Just pop in your phone and send it back to us.
  3. The giffgaff team will give it a quick once over on arrival.
  4. You get the cash. It’s that easy.

For more detailed information head over to our step by step page

How does giffgaff evaluate the price of your phone?

giffgaff partners with Ingram to evaluate your phone. Ingram specialises in e-waste recycling.

Once your phone arrives at giffgaff, it’s checked to make sure it’s the same phone you described. Then the phone undergoes a quality check which covers every aspect of the phone - screen, camera, battery, WiFi, etc. If for any reason you’re not happy about the offer, giffgaff will send your phone back to you for free - you needn’t spend a penny.

The first part is testing the smartphone with certified testing equipment called Blackbelt, which checks that all major functions of the device work correctly. This is all done by our team of testers who consider each device individually. The software checks for screen damage, battery life, and the key functions of the device. The next major part is data wipe, also done with Blackbelt. All devices are wiped of any data and they get a certificate at the end, so customers can be confident that it’s cleared of any personal details.

Once the device has passed the testing process you’ll be paid as soon as possible. This usually means within one working day of your phone arrival.

What are the benefits of selling your phone through giffgaff recycle?

giffgaff marketplace

Selling your phone through the giffgaff Marketplace is really easy, and it comes at no cost to you. You’ll be sent a pre-paid packaging to send your phone in, so you don’t have to pay for shipping or worry about finding a box to send it in.

giffgaff often have promo codes and enhanced offers for the Marketplace in websites like Quidco and TopCashback, so you can get even better value for your used smartphone when you upgrade. If you’re registered to receive them, make sure you keep an eye on your promotional e-mails from giffgaff.

Make sure to give an accurate description of the phone your selling

You might think leaving out a scratch or scrape for your old dog and bone won’t matter on your online listing, but oh how wrong you are. If you lie about the condition your phone is in, you could really end up paying the price.

A buyer is well within their rights to return your phone back to you, and leave a negative review on your online account (if you’re selling it on the likes of eBay etc.) - and those are the nicer consequences of falsely advertising your phone.


When it comes to selling your phone through the giffgaff Marketplace, we’ll ask you questions on the condition to help provide an accurate quote, but don’t worry if you’re not too sure of the condition, we’ll check it over when we receive it. We’ll also get the phone will be independently tested as well.

“If we receive your phone and feel the condition is not as described, we’ll contact you and re-value the quote one of two ways, down if it’s not as good as you said, or up if it’s better than you thought. If you want to accept the new offer, then you will get paid. If you don’t, then we will return the phone to you”, explains Sean Kennedy, head of partnerships at giffgaff.

Top tips from industry experts on how to get the best value for your phone

When selling an old phone, we all want to get the best possible value for it, so here are some top tips on how to go about this:

  1. Look out for promo codes and enhanced offers at giffgaff, such as our trade-in promos.

  2. A good way to get the best value from your old phone is to keep it in the best possible condition. Most people know that it’s best to always use a case and a screen protector. Also, don’t keep your keys next to your phone in your pockets this will help avoid scratches.

  3. Do keep your device on a high brightness setting, as this can cause screen burn, which is something Redeem checks for.

The benefits of recycling your old smartphone

Besides earning cash for your old phone ,recycling old smartphones is very beneficial for the planet. The rate of technological innovation in recent years has led to shorter product lives. This is particularly apparent in the smartphone market, where the typical modern smartphone is only expected to serve 2 years or so, after which it will be replaced by a newer model.

According to ‘Global perspectives on e-waste’, a paper published in the Environmental Impact Assessment Review journal: “The fraction including iron, copper, aluminium, gold and other metals in e-waste is over 60%, while pollutants comprise 2.70%”. These facts emphasise the fact that e-waste, including old smartphones, contains a large amount of metal - some of which can be recycled and reused in future products. By recycling our old smartphones, we reduce the need to dig the Earth for new materials, which is surely a good thing!

“If the phone comes to us in a condition that we can’t sell, then we can break it down to create parts for smartphone refurbishment or repair. There are very few phones that we won’t want to resell, unless they fall into either of these two categories”, explains Sean.


If your smartphone is relatively new, then it might be refurbished to be resold as a working model. If it’s not functional or if it’s too old, then it might be broken down for parts which to be used for repairing other smartphones, reducing the need to manufacture spare parts for repair. If your phone is beyond hope, then it can still be stripped of reusable metals and pollutants can be disposed of in a safe manner. Whatever the case, the giffgaff Marketplace will repurpose or recycle old smartphones in the most responsible way possible.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and sell your old phone now.

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