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iPhone 8 compared to iPhone 6



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With sleek new design, additional high-tech features and other advanced qualities, Apple’s iPhone series just keeps getting better and better. However, with the newer models coming into play, does this mean the older handsets are left behind?

In our latest video, Jake Watson compares the iPhone 8 with the iPhone 6, exploring the differences in design, speaker quality, headphone usage and much more.

Jake highlights the benefits and the drawbacks of newer and older features of these two Apple phones, comparing and discussing the famous headphone jack on the iPhone 6, which is sadly no longer a feature of the iPhone 8 and later models.

Surprisingly, even the talk time varies between these two handsets, so it’s definitely important to compare and contrast phones to see which one will offer you the features you need.

Which handset will you choose? Head over to giffgaff to find out more about these handsets and compare for yourself and make any last decisions on your latest upgrade.

Written by hellen_b

Hellen is a content expert at giffgaff.