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iPhone Xs Max camera review - I'm impressed!



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The iPhone Xs Max boasts a Dual 12MP camera that has Advanced Portrait mode with Depth control. This is the first time we have it in an iPhone. The camera has generally been improved too. That’s why it had to be taken out for a test; check out the amazing results.

Dual 12MP camera

The iPhone Xs Max has a dual 12MP camera, just like the X did but it’s been improved. The quality of photos is much better and that becomes very obvious the moment you open the Camera app. Everything looks stunning through the lens. Colours show naturally and are not oversaturated like some smartphone cameras. In natural daylight, you’ll be very impressed with the Xs Max camera.

Check out the video below to see some photos and videos I took with it.

Advanced Portrait Mode

For the first time ever, the iPhone has been given an Advanced Portrait Mode. As if Portrait Mode wasn’t good already, Apple stepped it up by giving users the option to adjust the amount of background blur. This feature is exclusive to the Xs and Xs Max and it really is very cool. It most definitely adds a super cool touch to your photos.

iPhone Xs Max vs Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung reimagined the camera this year on the Galaxy S9+. It has a dual 12MP camera with dual aperture, which sounds impressive and it is. Unlike the iPhone Xs Max, the S9+ has a Pro mode, which allows you to adjust settings such as the white balance, the ISO and much more. It’s essentially a mini DSLR and takes some incredible photos and videos.

For the reasons above, the Galaxy S9+ beats the Xs Max when it comes to the camera. However, the quality of both cameras are stunning and you will not be disappointed with either of them.

First impressions

The camera on the iPhone Xs Max is truly amazing. I was impressed the moment I opened the camera app and just wanted to capture, capture, capture. It really is that good and is a step up from the camera on the iPhone X. It certainly makes for a good reason to upgrade, especially if you enjoy taking photos and capturing videos.

Written by shadylady

Sadia produces tech reviews, tech tips & tutorial videos at XALIRATE.