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iPhone Xs Max display review - Remarkable



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The biggest upgrade to the iPhone this year has to be the 6.5” OLED display that you’ll find on the iPhone Xs Max. Weeks after testing it out first-hand and I can honestly say that it is stunning.

iPhone Xs Max 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED display

The biggest display yet

The iPhone Xs Max has a large 6.5” Super Retina OLED display, which is the biggest in an iPhone yet. It sounds incredibly huge but Apple did a very good job with its screen-to-body ratio. So, while the display is bigger than the one found on the iPhone 8 Plus, the physical size of the Xs Max is basically the same. It just looks so much better, thanks to the huge display and the reduced bezels. Way to go Apple.

That beautiful display offers a high resolution of 2688 x 1242 pixels at 458 pixels per inch, which you can only imagine makes anything that you use your phone for look incredible. I think watching videos on the Xs Max is the best way to fully appreciate the quality of the display but even playing games or generally browsing makes for a great experience. The quality is simply amazing.

True Tone

True Tone is a feature that serves to match the display’s colour temperature to the ambient light in your surroundings. This is meant to reduce eye strain but also help the screen look more natural, which makes sense. It’s a good idea to have it turned on for those reasons.

However, by turning it off and turning the brightness all the way up, you can fully embrace the full potential of the Xs Max display, especially during the day. It looks so stunning, the quality is so different to previous iPhones; it’s very impressive. Of course, having the brightness set to the Max will have an impact on battery life and I wouldn’t recommend it either because it’s not good for your eyes.

The good thing is that the level of brightness doesn’t really impact your experience with the display. Even at very minimal brightness, the quality on the Xs Max display is really good. Everything displays very clearly, very sharp and crisp and colours still pop.


When an object is moved away from us, the light shifts either to the red end of the spectrum or the blue end, depending on how short or long the wavelengths are. I’m not going to get into the science of it but essentially when wavelengths get short, you get BlueShift. So, with the iPhone being close but turned so it’s at an angle, you might expect some BlueShift. Fortunately, the OLED display on the Xs Max does a perfect job at displaying everything so it still looks natural at all angles; there is no BlueShift whatsoever.


The display on the iPhone Xs Max is truly impressive. I was wow’ed when I first got it in my hands and I’m still impressed after weeks of using it. It’s most definitely the best display in an iPhone yet, both technically and from a personal point of view.

OLED certainly is the future for displays and it’s great to see that in an iPhone. Both a large screen size and OLED combined is perfection and the experience is really amazing. It’s got to be my favourite feature of the iPhone this year. What’s yours?

Written by shadylady

Sadia produces tech reviews, tech tips & tutorial videos at XALIRATE.