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A helping hand and a listening ear. Meet Jesi, our community forum hero



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Meet Jesi

giffgaff’s community forum has been around for as long as we have. Before we even sold our first SIM. Wowzer. And since then, it’s been a key part in helping us collaborate with our members; keeping us truly run by you. It really is the heart of giffgaff.

Our terrific members come together daily to get involved with anything from offering technical support, to lending a friendly ear. Logging on to help each other out, help improve the giffgaff offering or have a general chit chat. And we’ve watched the forum grow so much over the last 10 years. Nowadays, it’s buzzing more than ever.

Jesi is a great example of a member who embodies the friendly, community spirit that has always been the driving force behind giffgaff. She’s always on the forum, helping out new and existing members, and getting stuck in to loads of different projects. What a legend. She’s a trained nurse - and you can really tell that she has a big heart by how brilliantly caring, and fantastic at helping others, she is.

A community champion

Jesi has been a member of the giffgaff community since 2014. She first joined giffgaff because of our unique flexible payments and no commitment to monthly tariffs. But she stayed because of the amazing giffgaff community. And she’s been pretty busy since then, getting stuck in with loads of giffgaff projects. Jesi is a fantastic champion of giffgaff’s flexibility and her enthusiasm is infectious. Which is shown through her commitment to helping other members on the forum.

“I rarely go through a day without checking in on the forum and seeing if there is someone I can help.” Classic Jesi. She’s a familiar presence on the forum and you’ll often see her pop up to help when someone new to giffgaff needs a bit of direction.”

And she hasn’t stopped there.

She’s been a Knowledge Base Editor, a new member buddy, and she even hosts a creative writing thread in her spare time. And, more recently, she joined giffgaff Pioneers - our group of members helping to shape the future of giffgaff by testing and learning alongside our product teams. And she was one of the awesome members that helped us test our new forum platform, as it was being created. Jesi’s passion is people. So she’s most happy when she’s helping others. And we love her for it.

Your giffgaff, your voice

Jesi loves getting involved with new and exciting giffgaff developments. To Jesi, run by you means “being consulted and encouraged to suggest initiative; our ideas being implemented and getting involved.”

And that’s exactly how we want our members to feel. They know what they want. And we want to give it to them. So, who better to ask?

Heading into 2020, we want to offer more members even more opportunities to get involved on the forum, and all around giffgaff. We’re super excited to co-create and collaborate with members, like Jesi, and take them on the ride with us.

It’s a family affair

We’re always happy to see new members come on board. So, we were chuffed to hear that Jesi’s husband has jumped on the giffgaff train too. And now he’s also reaping the benefits of giffgaff’s flexibility.

He’s found the no-contract way works way better for him and saves him a bit of cash each month as well. Woohoo.

“My husband was being charged loads on another network, for exceeding his contract allowances. But he wasn’t warned he was exceeding them. Since swapping to giffgaff he pays far less each month, and has used some of the money he saved to buy a refurbished phone from giffgaff.”

Jesi is so great at spreading the word. She loves the fact that giffgaff offers free calls and texts between giffgaff members. And she’s introduced loads of friends and family to giffgaff, so that they can enjoy the benefits too. Helping them all stay connected, for less. Top job, Jesi.

“I like being able to choose when to buy a goodybag, just use pay as you go and change bundles month-by-month without obligation. And the more people you know on giffgaff, the cheaper it is to communicate with each other. Flexibility is the key!”


We have lots of lovely new members joining the giffgaff forum every day. So, jump over there and say “Hi”, meet other ace members like Jesi, and see how you can get more involved. They’re a terrific bunch of folks over there, and we promise you’ll be welcomed with open arms and a friendly smile. See you over there.

Written by kiesha_p

Kiesha is a member engagement manager at giffgaff.