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The only network run by you. Meet ladyrosy



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Say hello to ladyrosy

Ladyrosy, also known as Sally, joined giffgaff back in 2015. Since joining the network run by you, Sally’s jumped straight at the chance to help other members and help giffgaff grow. Nice one, Sally.

Sally’s a loving mother who’s passionate about making a difference. She’s always pushing the boundaries, and over the last year she’s climbed Snowdon, swam 100 lengths and ran a half marathon. What a fantastic set of achievements.

With a passion for tech, Sally holds a software qualification. In her adventurous life she’s worked as a gaming tester and a senior analyst. Currently she’s on a new, exciting mission to use her skills to help her adorable son to explore technology, educating him to be tech-savvy while also keeping him safe.

Shaping the future

Last year when we launched giffgaff pioneers, our member participation programme, Sally was one of the first to join. Being such a keen bean to help build our network Sally has taken part in numerous workshops, polls and discussions really making giffgaff the mobile network run by you.

“People waste so much energy complaining, but it can take the same amount of energy to be part of a solution. Use your energy wisely.” - Sally

Sally loves that giffgaff make it easy to contribute and make a difference, and we love that Sally is always looking for ways to be part of the conversation and help.

Being able to work with members such as Sally, has helped our product teams focus on delivering the right stuff. Her input has guided the decision making, as well as saving them time. Sally’s helping us create a better experience for all our members.

“I hope giffgaff is very successful. A business that genuinely listens to the customer is unusual. Most companies now can’t afford the time to do so, which is sad. It’s mutually beneficial for both giffgaff and their customers to have an open dialogue. For me, it’s an opportunity to be helpful and to be “Sally”. I’m a stay at home mum at the moment, so it’s great to be able to dip my toe back into the tech world.” - Sally

Sharing the love

Sally’s commitment to being a super helpful person is nothing but inspiring. Not only does she like helping others, but she enjoys giving back to her community too.

Last year she raised over £700 for a small local charity Dreamdrop, who provide equipment for children’s ward in local hospitals. But she’s also supported other charities such as Stroke Association, Cancer Research UK and Samaritans. On top of all that she volunteers as a Treasurer on the local Women’s Institute group.

“I guess I just believe in helping others and there being balance in the world. I can’t hope for luck and good results in life without putting positivity into the world myself.” - Sally

Building a network together

To Sally run by you means that giffgaff really listens, and it goes both ways. You have to be willing to take action and make a change. By getting involved and knowing that you’re helping to create a better experience for all of giffgaff members is truly rewarding. Each idea, no matter how small can have a big impact. giffgaff brings power back to its members.

Join the conversation

Our product teams work closely with our members so that we’re developing the right products for you. It’s mutual. Our agile coach, Christofer says that “only our members can possibly know what it is that will make our experiences iconic to them. We can make educated guesses, but without talking to our members such as Sally, these are just our best guesses. Best guesses which are often wrong. We’re changing the way we do things so that we don’t just guess, we check with the people that matter the most to our business, our members. The impact of talking to our members is that we can build the product that people want, we can understand what iconic is, and we can help our members help themselves.”

What other mobile network works like this. Come and be part of the change and join our giffgaff pioneers group on Facebook. You’ll meet many friendly faces and be part of something exciting. It’s your opportunity to define what run by your means to you.

“I’d recommend getting involved to any member of giffgaff, new or old. We will be the ones benefiting from improved service.” - Sally

Remember, together with our members anything is possible.

Written by aggy_agate

Aggy is a member engagement manager at giffgaff.