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Meet Leeon, who chooses to be in control



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Say hello to Leeon

Leeon, known to many giffgaffer’s by his member name leeon1988, has been our lovely member since 2017. In only two years he’s helped us shape the way we review phones, written tech blogs and been part of some pretty epic brand moments.

Leeon is our superstar. He always chooses to be involved and finds ways to use his skills and interests to make giffgaff work for him. With a passion for photography and tech, Leeon has been creating high quality content and come up with creative, inspiring ways to engage with other giffgaff members. What a gem.

Leading the conversation

Leeon’s exciting journey with giffgaff began when he bought a phone from us. Being the legend he is Leeon decided to share his experience with the rest of the community and got a response he never expected.

Appreciating Leeon’s wonderful work, oodles of members started getting back to him, thanking him for the helpful advice. “After a couple of days, I logged back in and surprisingly I saw a ton of encouraging comments and kudos from other members in the community.” Leeon remembers.

Seeing the positive impact he had and realising the opportunity to connect with like minded folks, Leeon decided to stay. He started chatting to giffgaff staff, working closely with us to create engaging, helpful reviews for our members. Leeon got his hands on some of the newest, shiny phones and we provided a platform for him to share his impressions. The community loved it.

“The giffgaff community has connected me with many wonderful and talented people who share similar interests as myself. It’s nice having a place where I can just be myself sharing with others the passion I have for tech.” - Leeon

Making history together

We absolutely loved Leeon’s work and passion so we kept giving him more opportunities to be involved. We got him a pair of tickets to British Summer Time festival, invited him to join us for Which? Awards and most recently, to take part in our 2019 brand campaign which is all about celebrating our members. Now you can see his lovely smile on posters all over the country. Blimey. He’s been busy!

“For the first time in my life I actually felt like a movie star. My mum texts me every time she sees my poster. Growing up if you told me that I would have been part of a brand campaign for an award winning mobile network, I wouldn’t have believed you.” - Leeon

Network run by people

Leeon gets involved because he knows his work adds value to other people’s lives. At giffgaff, members are empowered to make a difference and offered a responsibility to help us run the community.

Leeon describes giffgaff as “the only network that is knitted together by a community of great people that love being here and are always there if you need help - on anything from getting started with giffgaff, tips on using your phone or just wanting to share your knowledge.”

“There is something for everyone in the community and this is what sets giffgaff apart from the bunch.” - Leeon

Be in control

Being in control means choosing the way to be involved and owning it. Leeon did a smashing job making the only network run by you work for him. He applied the skills he’s got and found an audience of lovely folks who share the same interests. Top job, Leeon.

“To me, ‘run by you’ means members have a say in the future development of giffgaff by sharing ideas or suggestions that may then get implemented if its something the community welcomes. This is not something I see everywhere else.”

We invite all our members to be in control. So we’ve created many ways to get involved and challenge you to come up with your own. To start off, why not introduce yourself to our lovely folks, in our Welcome & Join conversation, on our website.

We’d also love to hear from you all, on our giffgaff Pioneers group. Embrace the opportunity to shape the future of giffgaff. Get an exclusive first look at new developments.
 And get a say in conversations with the teams involved.
 Nice one!

Written by kiesha_p

Kiesha is a member engagement manager at giffgaff.