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The only network run by you. Meet natty88



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Say hello to natty88

natty88 is one of giffgaff’s top legends, who is at the heart of everything we do. natty88 goes above and beyond to help others in true giffgaff style. Top job mate.

natty88 joined giffgaff back in 2013 after, believe it or not, finding a giffgaff SIM on the ground outside his house. And he’s been a true giffgaffer since then. Some might say it was love at first sight.

Natty has been on a very exciting journey with us, exploring the giffgaff community and educating himself on the best practices to give help.

“I’ve loved every minute of it as I find it’s a friendly and helpful place to be.” - natty88

Over the last 6 years Natty has solved over 3k member cases on the community. But he didn’t stop there. He’s also been an active member on our Facebook group and offers his support there. Now if that’s not going above and beyond. We don’t know what is.

Natty continues to help more and more folks every day and will always stick around to make sure every member leaves with a smile on their face. What a legend.

By reaching out and helping our members natty has made so many friendships along the way. He’s also managed to fund some lovely trips and fun days out with his family using the money he’s earnt via Payback.

Back in 2017 he even managed to put this money towards his wedding, which according to Natty, was the best way he’s ever spent his giffgaff Payback. How lovely is that?

Why we’re run by you

At giffgaff, our members are at the heart of everything we do. Without them, we wouldn’t be the mobile network run by you. In 2018 our member helped solve 38,648 help cases on the community forum. That’s around 3,000 a month. Wowza

We’re a new way of doing things

We don’t have call centres, because we believe in the power of community. It’s nicer to talk to someone just like you. Our members help us run the business. Whether it’s suggesting new features and goodybags or recruiting a new member. giffgaff is all about mutual giving.

Be part of a network. Have your say

Natty’s story is one of the many ways that demonstrate how giffgaff is the only mobile network run by you. Our members help us operate in a way that fits their lifestyle. We’re working with our members to build a better network. Come get involved.

Whether you want to pop over to the community and have a chat, become a helper or give feedback on product development - our door is always open. This is your community. You decide how it’s run. It’s also an opportunity for you to earn some Payback points, which you can either donate to charity, use as top-up credit or receive as cash. Just saying.

Take a peek at our welcome and join board and introduce yourself to our members. We’re a friendly bunch. You can also join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you’re feeling inspired by Natty’s story and want to learn more about giving help, reach us on Twitter. Here’s a quick guide to get you started.

Written by aggy_agate

Aggy is a member engagement manager at giffgaff.