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Mid-range phones - 3 reasons they work wonders for you



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Mobile phones can be expensive, particularly the nifty high-end smartphones that are currently up for grabs.

When you’re nearing to the end of your phone contract, you begin exploring what other options are out there. Avid phone lovers begin to look out for the latest devices and research into what each phone offers, and at what price.

The mid-range phone is the unsung hero of the phone world; there are plenty of options to choose from, offering the simplicity we strive for from a mobile phone, alongside the exciting features we expect from a smartphone.

That’s why we’ve come up with the three reasons why mid-range phones could work wonders for you:

1. Great value for money

Mid-range phones are credited for their ability to provide great features, at a much smaller price than the popular, high-end smartphone.

High-end smartphones come with a hefty price tag, due to their ever-improving features, such as face recognition, wireless charging options and swish video capturing features. Mid-range phones may not offer these types of features, but if you’re looking for a smartphone that still offers great battery life, a speedy user experience and a camera that does the trick

A phone contract or buying a phone outright can really hit your bank account, but it’s always worth it for the joys of having a reliable phone which does everything you want it to do. However, imagine having a phone that does exactly that, at a quarter or even half of the price – that’s where the mid-range phone sits, comfortably between the expectations and reality of your dream phone.

2. Mid-range phones just keep getting better

Gone are the days when mid-range phones were behind the times. In fact, they’re very much up to speed with the features that most popular, high-end handsets offer. The hardware, screen size, camera quality and storage options are what you’d expect from a higher priced phone, just without the extra fancy features like slow-motion camera settings and biometric unlocking features.

More and more consumers now shop around for their phone. The pool of options available may make the decision of choosing a phone a little more difficult, but it enhances the joys that ‘new phone feeling’ brings, which is pretty exciting.

3. They keep your phone addiction under wraps

With so many new, exciting and complex features that higher value phones offer, it’s easy for consumers to get lost in their phone and ignore everything else around them.

Mid-range phones not only “just do the job”, they do it well. What’s great though is they offer just enough to keep your entertained and active online, but not too much that they keep you consistently glued to your phone and distract you from communicating with your friends and family face-to-face.

Written by zerodudex333

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