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New rule means you can switch mobile provider for free



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Ofcom have introduced a new rule that means you will not have to pay for your old and new service at the same time; switching will be completely free. Keep reading to learn more.

Switch Mobile providers for free

Most mobile network providers that you’re tied down in a contract with will charge you a notice period fee. You also have to get in touch with them to do it too. Fortunately, Ofcom have implemented a new rule to avoid both of those, but it’s not set to take place until July 2019. Still, it’s worthwhile knowing about it before it takes effect.

A hassle-free switch

Ofcom reported that two in five people who switched said they experienced a major problem. And seven in ten experienced some level of difficulty while switching. You might know how they feel. As a result, Ofcom have planned to make it quick and easy for both individuals and businesses to leave their mobile network provider while eliminating notice period charges. #Freedom

What makes this new rule even better is that you can control the level of contact you have with the provider. You will not have to call them if you don’t want to thanks to the ‘text-to-switch’ process that will be in place.

How will it work?

  1. The customer will request a switching code by texting a free number, going online or by calling their network provider.

  2. The provider will send a code to the customer along with any important details, including any outstanding charges that are owed.

  3. When the customer is ready to make the switch, they will provide the switch code to the new provider.

  4. The new provider will process this and the new service will be turned on within one working day. The old service will end on the very same day.

Pretty simple with no need to make that phone call, unless you’d prefer to. You’ll be free from any notice period charges as Ofcom are placing a ban on that, which means you will not have to pay for both your old and new services at the same time. Nice.

What does this mean for network providers?

No doubt, this will require some changes to be made on the network provider’s end. For example, new short codes will need to be put in place for customers to text, in order to request the short code and mobile companies will need to co-ordinate with each other to allow the switch to happen.


This is really good news and will quickly take out the hassle of switching. I’m personally pleased that all it will take is a text because I’d like to avoid phone calls where I can, mainly because it just takes so much longer. So, here’s to #freedom, coming July 2019 :)

Written by shadylady

Sadia produces tech reviews, tech tips & tutorial videos at XALIRATE.