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Nokia 8110 4G review



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Nokia 8110 4G was first released in 1996 and 22 years on it’s been re-designed, giving it amazing 4G capabilities. Check out my review on this legendary banana phone:

Let’s see the good and bad things about the Nokia 8110 4G:


  • Nice sleek design

  • Fits nicely in the hands

  • Long lasting battery

  • 4G Capabilities


  • Poor view in sunlight

  • Poor camera

  • Poor sound playback


I found the overall design of the Nokia 8110 4G to be really pleasing, as someone who has held the classic 1996 Nokia 8110, I couldn’t see much difference apart from the thin design and the incredibly low weight. The slide-out keypad cover makes it super easy to answer and decline calls, as well as locking the phone.


The Nokia 8110 4G has a okay sized screen at just 2.4 inches which in the age of Samsung and iPhone flagship iPhones, is incredibly small and outdated. The 8110 4G has a resolution of 230 x 320 pixels, which allows for 720p video streaming, however, the sound quality from the single speaker is poor at volume peak.

Tech and Specs

Although the 8110 4G is a redesign of the classic 1996 model, the 2018 model is quite impressive to an extent, with a Qualcomm MSM8905 Snapdragon 205 chipset, Dual-Core CPU and 512MB RAM. The bite-sized amount of RAM isn’t enough to do high-intensity video gaming as you would imagine, but it does allow the classic Snake game to run incredibly smoothly and doesn’t jitter while watching videos or switching between the different apps.


I was really impressed with how far its battery life can be pushed. I could experience over 5 days of solid usage through the removable Li-Ion 1500 mAh battery. Impressive! Nokia claims you can achieve 25 days on standby and 6.1 hours with 720p video streaming, and that’s no myth.


The 2018 remake of the Nokia 8110 has an inbuilt flash to support the camera in low light scenarios, however, it didn’t make up for the low-quality pictures or video recording. The Nokia 8110 4G features 2MP back-facing camera which produces fuzzy and pixelated pictures.

Price and availability

The Nokia 8110 4G is available to buy in yellow or black for £59. You can purchase it directly from giffgaff by using the link below.

Buy the Nokia 8810 4G


Overall I had a lot of fun while reviewing the Nokia 8110 4G, it was great to see Nokia bringing a piece of technological history back to life with a fresh design, fitting in place with the smartphones of today’s world. I can definitely see this phone being used from time to time, however, the most practical use would be as a spare phone or an emergency back-up. It’s cheap, cheerful and bring nostalgia flooding back - the Nokia 8110 4G is definitely worth a buy.

If you’re interested in seeing a little more about the Nokia 8110 4G, check out the unboxing in the video below.

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