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People powered poetry with giffgaff



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This July 25th and 26th, at The Moth Club in Hackney, giffgaff, the mobile network run by you, is bringing to life People Powered Poetry: the world’s first AI-fuelled improvised poetry event.

People Powered Poetry will see live performances from celebrated artists who will improvise poetry on real-time trending topics with hilarious and thought-provoking results. The rotation of artists, including spoken-word poets and comedians, will each perform a set based on a current trending topic on social media, utilising their own talents to entertain.

Live poetry performances from the likes of Sarah Callaghan, Bridget Minamore, Deanna Rodger and Hussain Manawer, with live music from Bellatrix and Benin City across the two nights and a DJ set by Charlie Bones (NTS) all hosted by award-winning comic and TV Personality Jayde Adams.

The poets will go up against a poetry bot that has been created by giffgaff to capture the sentiment of the UK population on a range of topics, picking lines from people’s tweets and then turning those into fourteen line sonnets. Each sonnet is unique to that moment in time, creating a series of living, breathing poems. The concept has been created as part of Small vs. Big, giffgaff’s latest campaign that celebrates the power of small and how it can take on big.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets here

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Written by hellen_b

Hellen is a content expert at giffgaff.