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Samsung's foldable screen phone is now a reality



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It was a jaw dropping moment! I’ve had the great pleasure of being invited by giffgaff to attend the Samsung Unpacked and witness the unveiling of Galaxy Fold - the first smartphone to be released with a foldable screen.

Folded, you are presented with a comfortable 4.6” display - fine for simple tasks like texting when out and about. When you unfold the device, however, the device transforms into a tablet with a 7.3” infinity flex display. This device is the first of it’s kind, and Samsung did a cracking job - let’s find out what makes this device tick.

“The impossible has been done.” DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung’s mobile

Galaxy Fold
Galaxy Fold

App Continuity

Justin Denison, Samsung’s senior vice president of product marketing, first demoed the Galaxy Fold to the world, showcasing how App Continuity will dynamically resize your apps to fit whichever screen you’re using. When unfolded, you can have up to 3 apps on your screen simultaneously. Samsung also worked in collaboration with Google and the Android developer community to make sure apps are optimized to make the most of the large 7.3” infinity flex display.

Galaxy Fold
Galaxy Fold


  • CPU: New 7nm design
  • RAM: 12GB
  • Storage: 512GB flash
  • Displays: 4.6” folded, 7.3” unfolded
  • Cameras: 3 rear, 2 inside, 1 front
  • Battery: Combined 4380 mAh

Pricing and availability

The all-new Galaxy Fold will be available from the 3rd May 2019, with pricing starting at 1,980 USD. This eye-watering price tag is unprecedented for a mainstream smartphone, but don’t forget that the Galaxy Fold effectively replaces both your smartphone and your tablet with one device, if that helps you justify the steep price.

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