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Samsung S8+ vs Samsung S9+



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Samsung’s range of Galaxy S smartphones has one of the best reputations in the smartphone market today and is the first choice for many when choosing their next phone. They’re are renowned for their style, durability, high quality and making technological innovations with each new device.

In our latest video, Jake Watson explores whether this reputation for innovation is justified by comparing the latest model in the range, the Samsung Galaxy S9+, to its predecessor - the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Jake looks at the key differences between the phones in this video to find out if paying for the upgrade is worth the money, looking at each phones’ cameras, usability and storage space.

Both of these devices are excellent Android phones, but is it worth upgrading from the S8+ to the S9+? There are a lot of similarities between these two phones, too. They are both waterproof, both phone cases have a metal core with glass on the front and back and nothing much has changed in terms of design, but the Galaxy S9+ does have a few advantages.

If you’re still struggling to decide on which Samsung phone is best suited to your requirements, or you simply want to take a closer look at the phones yourself, you can do so on our website, where more details about each phone are available.

Written by hellen_b

Hellen is a content expert at giffgaff.