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Sony A6000 mirrorless camera vs Samsung Galaxy S8 camera



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Smartphones are being released, release after release, and they’re improving for the better. One feature that is consistently being enhanced is the camera, rightly so too because “the best camera you have is the one with you”. This quote is very much true because I can guarantee that your smartphone is always with you. Your mirrorless camera? It’s usually only out when you’re going somewhere and have the intention to capture some beautiful shots. Your smartphone is what really captures those unplanned moments.

So, with that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to do a camera test between the two, namely the Sony A6000 (with the 16-50mm kit lens) and the Samsung Galaxy S8. I took some outdoor shots to get that natural lighting, which I’ll share below, but first lets take a look at the main camera specifications of the two.

Camera comparison
Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Sony A600 Mirrorless Camera comparison


With the Sony A6000 being an actual camera, it is built with very good specs although Samsung have done a tremendous job with the S8’s camera this year. It has a F1.7 lens, which is really awesome and the depth of field shots you get are super amazing for a smartphone. It also allows you to get great shots even with not-so-great lighting. The A6000 has a F3.5-5.6 kit lens. Whilst that can be improved with an upgraded lens, it’s still actually very good. The autofocus is super and it’s pretty good in all kinds of lighting but works way better when you’ve got good lighting (as with any camera really). Its built-in flash is ok but I, personally, don’t ever like to use the flash and that goes for my S8 too. Natural lighting all the way.

The advantage the A6000 has over the S8 is its 16-50mm zoom capability. You can take a close-up photo of something without being so close to it and still get a pretty sharp photo with great focus and stunning bokeh (the blurred background effect). With smartphone cameras in general, and not the S8 specifically, you lose out on image quality when you zoom in. Of course, with the A6000 you also get to upgrade the lens to make your photo-capturing experience even better. With smartphones, you only have the option of whatever is built in but no complaints here. Check out some of the comparison shots I took below, completely unedited.

Camera comparison
Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Sony A600 Mirrorless Camera comparison 1
Camera comparison
Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Sony A600 Mirrorless Camera comparison 2
Camera comparison
Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Sony A600 Mirrorless Camera comparison 3


Looking at the images above, the Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to have the better camera with its F1.7 aperture, dual-pixel lens. Colours really pop, so much more than the A6000 and you can tell how much more light it lets in. It’s just so incredibly amazing. I love it. It’s definitely my daily driver for photos and videos. Saying that, the A6000 is still a very good camera, offering high-resolution and sharp shots even when zoomed in to the max. But it’s very clear that smartphone camera technology is improving rapidly.

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