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The Best Santa Tracker Apps This Christmas



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Even technology can’t take the magic of Santa away from the tots during the festive season.

Remember when you were younger, and you had to go to bed with no idea what time he was going to slide down your chimney? Kids today are spared that curiosity, thanks to the ace Santa trackers that are ready to be downloaded at Christmas time.

These nifty apps let the little ones keep tabs on on where Santa is on Christmas Eve, as he trots the globe. Santa sleep tracker apps have also proved to be a godsend for adults; they make sure the kids are in bed and asleep at a reasonable hour - they can’t be awake when Santa turns up, can they?

These days, there are quite a few of these apps available to be downloaded; when one thought up the idea, all the other app providers quickly caught on to their appeal. Here are a few of the best Santa tracker apps out there:

Santa Free Tracker

This interactive tracker is available for both iOS and Android phones. Santa Free Tracker is made by Onteca and doesn’t just let the little one track Santa’s deliveries, it’s also got an advent calendar which includes really cool sightings of the man himself - get a glimpse of Santa having a cuppa before he packs his sack full goodies. And that’s just the free version; upgrade to premium version for exclusive content like Santa’s personal blog. Even betters, the kids can send him a letter on Christmas day.

NORAD Santa Tracker

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command) has been tracking Santa for over 60 years, so these guys really know their stuff. Kids can follow Santa’s journey around the world on Christmas Eve thanks to this handy app, which is available for iOS and Android phones.

The first piece of kit was developed in 2007 and has since become an app downloaded by thousands each and every year. There’s also plenty of fun games to keep tiny minds entertained on Christmas Eve, as well as some handy facts about how many presents Santa’s going to be loaded up with in his sleigh.

Where is Santa Lite

If the kids can’t wait until Christmas Eve, this app for iOS phones allows you to search for Santa at any time and he’ll bob up on the map. Let the little ones find out how far away Santa is from their house; there’s even a timer so they can count down how long it will be until he arrives into town.

Google Santa Tracker

Don’t feel left out if you have an Android phone instead of an iOS, you can opt for the Google Santa Tracker. Track the present deliveries on Christmas Eve and tire your kids out by letting them pick from a fab selection of games, where they can play with jet-powered sleighs. Pick up virtual presents and drop them off at Santa’s workshop in time for the big day.

Whichever Santa tracker you go for this Christmas, be sure to add that extra bit of excitement to the little one’s day, this year. We at giffgaff hope you have a fantastic festive season and get all the goodies you are hoping for.

Thumbnail image credit: Google Santa Tracker

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