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Top 10 iPhone Xr cases and accessories



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The latest smartphone from Apple, the iPhone Xr has just arrived at giffgaff. Click here to see our favourite cases and accessories for the new iPhone!

Part 1: Top 5 iPhone Xr cases

1. OtterBox Statement Series - £30

Otterbox Statement Series

OtterBox have created top-quality iPhone cases for the past two decades, and they’ve done it once again with the Statement Series, available exclusively from Apple themselves. These premium cases include a felt accent that feels (and looks!) quite luxurious. There’s also a clear back to let your iPhone’s colour of choice shine through, a raised bumper that protects the screen and a combination of hard plastic and TPU to resist drops. With two colours available, one is sure to match your style.

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case - £9

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

This gorgeous case is slim and clear, giving centre stage to your iPhone’s modern design and (potentially) bold colours. The case is constructed from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate, providing better protection in a smaller space than either material used alone. The Ultra Hybrid also features raised bezels to protect the screen and camera, plus pronounced buttons that are easier to press.

3. OtterBox Vue Series Clear Case - £30

OtterBox Vue Series Clear Case

This case has a more modern design than the OtterBox case we saw earlier, thanks to a textured brick-like pattern on the back. This eye-catching design combines well with every shade of iPhone Xr under the sun, while the low-profile dimensions ensure that your iPhone still fits easily into your pocket. The case even comes with a lifetime warranty and certified drop protection - not bad, right?

4. Coolden Armor Shockproof Wallet Case - £10

Coolden Armor Shockproof Wallet Case

The Coolden Armor Wallet has an ingenious design, concealing cash, ID or cards beneath the rear cover of your phone case. That’s great for seeing off potential thieves - and also just remembering to bring your much-needed piece of paper or plastic with you when you leave the house! This case also uses its slight bulk to great effect, with strong drop and scratch resistance all-around.

5. Case-Mate Naked Tough Waterfall Case - £25

Case-Mate Naked Tough Waterfall Case

Our final case is the Case-Mate Naked, seen here in its Waterfall variant. The case has a gorgeous two part design, with the camera and flash off in one corner and the rest of the rear devoted to georgeous, moving and iridescent particles. That makes for an eye-catching case, while still leaving plenty of room for solid protection. This case is heavier than the others we’ve highlighted, but it might just be worth the extra junk in the trunk!

Part 2: Top 5 iPhone Xr accessories

6. Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protection - £30

Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protection

This chemically-strengthed aluminosilicate glass provides long-lasting protection for your iPhone Xr, preventing scratches and resisting shatters. The screen protector is perfectly moulded to the size of the iPhone Xr too, wrapping gently around the notch to allow for full accessibility to all of the phone’s features while also making installation easier.

7. Anker 10W Wireless Charger - £18

Anker 10W Wireless Charger

The Anker 10W wireless charger is one of the fastest ways to top up your iPhone Xr without touching a cable. The charger looks quite basic, but its anonymous appearance works well on a nightstand or work desk, not attracting too much attention. LED indicators light up when charging begins and a non-slip pad keeps your iPhone Xr in place - nice and easy.

8. YOSH Magnetic Car Holder - £6

YOSH Magnetic Car Holder

This tiny and inexpensive car holder remains one of the best on the market. Simply place a magnetic sticker on your iPhone’s case, stick the car holder onto your car’s air vents and you’re ready to go. When you put your iPhone close to the car holder, it’ll latch on tightly, whether you’re in landscape or portrait mode. The super-strong connection can handle bumpy roads and woeful suspensions with ease, while the small size means it’s perfect for rental cars too. You can even put it in your pocket, then slide a credit card into its jaws to turn it into an impromptu desk stand. Awesome!

9. Emmabin iPhone Cable 3-Pack - £8

Emmabin iPhone Cable 3-Pack

Why spend your life moving the one Lightning cable that came in the box with you everywhere you go? Pick up this Lightning cable triple pack and just keep one cable in every place you’ll need it - maybe one at home, one in the car and one at work. The cables are braided to prevent fraying, come in a simple black colourway and work on all kinds of iPhones in addition to the iPhone Xr. They’re also multiple lengths, including a standard 1m cable, an extended 2m cable and an extra-long 3m cable.

10. Belkin Mixit Lightning ChargeSync Dock - £13

Belkin Mixit Lightning ChargeSync Dock

This simple Lightning charging dock is a third the price of Apple’s official unit, and just as reliable. Simply connect a cable to the charger and you’re away with rapid charging while your iPhone Xr is kept at a convenient angle. The dock also comes in multiple colours; silver normally seems to be the cheapest, but blue and gold options might be more your cup of tea.

Wrapping up

Thanks for taking a look at our iPhone Xr case and accessory recommendations. I hope you found it useful and we’ll catch you on the next one. Want to read more? Check out our guide to everything you need to know about the iPhone Xr and our iPhone Xr battery life tests!

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