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Top 10 Note 9 cases and accessories



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The Note 9 is out, so it’s a perfect time to look at some of the best cases and accessories available for this high-end phone. Let’s get right into it, starting with the cases before moving onto the accessories.

Part 1: Top 5 Note 9 cases

1. Samsung Clear View Standing Case

Samsung Clear View Standing Case

We begin with the Clear View, an official case from Samsung themselves. The case offers complete protection, front and back, without sacrificing accessibility. That’s thanks to a high-tech cover that shows information from your phone without being opened, such as the time, date, battery levels, incoming calls and other notifications. These cases are available in a nice range of colours too, making them a strong choice.

2. Olixar Genuine Leather Wallet**

Olixar Genuine Leather Wallet

Olixar tends to produce a lot of good value cases, and their Genuine Leather Wallet is one of the most popular options for the Note 9. The case is made from real leather, as the name suggests, so you get that soft but strong look, smell and feel. The case includes two card slots for important pieces of paper and plastic, as well as a handy stand for watching videos or other media on the go.

3. UAG Monarch Premium Tough Case

UAG Monarch Premium Tough Case

This is the most expensive case on the list, but for good reason. The Monarch is a super strong case, made from five separate layers of leather, metal and plastic to ensure the ultimate in survivability for your Note 9. The case includes a bezel to protect the screen, metal to add rigidity and impact-resistant rubber to absorb the force of any drops. The Monarch lives up to its name as a case fit for a king.

4. VRS Design Crystal Fit Clear Case

VRS Design Crystal Fit Clear Case

The Crystal Fit from VRS Design is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an elegant clear case. The case includes a unique polycarbonate hardshell design, with a ribbed rear section that adds considerable strength and drop resistance. The case also includes precise cutouts wherever needed, making this one of the most convenient Note 9 cases to use.

5. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

The Spigen Neo Hybrid is our final case in the roundup, and a common favourite for all Android phones. The Neo Hybrid includes air cushions in each of its four corners to absorb the force of drops and knocks, while a beautiful textured two-tone design adds a modern look to your phone. The dual-material case also includes a lip around the screen to prevent damage there.

Part 2: Top 5 Note 9 accessories

6. Goobay USB-C to HDMI adapter

Goobay USB-C to HDMI adapter

For the Note 9, Samsung removed the requirement for an expensive DeX dock to turn your Note 9 into a full-on desktop-like PC when you connect it to an HDMI television or monitor. Now, it’s possible to achieve the same with a cheap and simple USB-C to HDMI adapter like this one. Just plug it in, then use the Note 9’s display as a keyboard and touchpad, or connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for the ultimate in mobile productivity.

7. Whitestone Dome Note 9 Full Cover Glass Screen Protector

Whitestone Dome Note 9 Full Cover Glass Screen Protector

Installing a glass screen protector on a curved-screen phone like the Note 9 remains a challenging problem; the standard ‘just stick it on’ approach doesn’t really work well. So far, this seems like the best alternative: a UV-adhesive screen protector that will be installed perfectly every time, thanks to a box of carefully designed accessories. The high review scores speak for themselves on this one.

8. Olixar inVent mini portable air vent car holder

Olixar inVent mini portable air vent car holder

Having started to drive more regularly only this year, my #1 accessory has become a small vent-mounted car holder like this one. You simply clip one end onto any accessible vent in your car, then attach your phone magnetically onto the car holder. Metal phones like the Note 9 can be stuck on immediately, but if you’re using a case it’s best to add the included magnetic sticker onto the back of your case to ensure a super-tight connection. From here, it’s easy to use GPS navigation so you can get where you’re going with minimal confusion.

9. Official Samsung Note 9 USB-C charging dock

Official Samsung Note 9 USB-C charging dock

The Note 9 USB-C charging dock from Samsung is a stylish and simple charging option, allowing you to take full advantage of Samsung’s fast wired charging tech. The dock has an adjustable USB-C connector to accommodate cases and keeps your Note 9 at a comfortable angle so you can use it while it’s charging.

10. Samsung 256GB Micro SD card

Samsung 256GB Micro SD card

Samsung make a lot of great things in addition to their smartphones, and one particular expertise is in flash memory. This 256GB Micro SD card is the perfect complement to the Note 9, adding a whopping 256GB of space for around £100 or less. The card has super fast read and write speeds, making it possible to run apps from the card or copy photos and videos with alacrity, and it’s resistant to water, x-rays and other potential hazards too.

Wrapping up

The Note9 was officially launched on the 24th August.

128 GB - £899

512 GB - £1099

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