At giffgaff, we love inspiring and helping our members to do new things. This is where the giffgaff academy comes in.

Putting community first, giffgaff academy is a brand new section on the Hub that focuses on teaching you digital skills through a series of online videos.

Lessons have been created in partnership with influencers like Giles McMullen, Ania Kubow as well as Clamp Agency and cover skills such as building your own website, coding, or creating your own game from scratch using code.

If you have a suggestion for a new skill you’d like to learn, you can tell us on our community post.

giffgaff Academy research

In order to create our academy, we at giffgaff wanted to find out what our community and the wider public were most interested in learning about. We did some research and the results were enlightening.

Our study of 2,000 people found they would like to be more knowledgeable in languages, history, economics and IT.

Sixty-four percent of the population also believes the world of digital technology moves faster than they can keep up with, leaving them behind.

To launch the new giffgaff academy, we askedpeople which subjects they would like to be more knowledgeable in. The subjects that came out on top were: Languages: 41%, History: 34%, Technology/IT: 29%, Economica/Finance: 27%, Geography: 26%, Maths: 25%, Cooking: 23%, Physiology: 22%, Nature: 22%

As a result, a quarter would like to learn to master coding, with 30 percent keen to know how to build their own website.

Based on this knowledge, we wanted to help our community to learn new digital skills based on your requirements and so, the giffgaff academy is all about providing easily digestible, simple online content that people can dip in and out of when they have the time. You don’t need to commit to a whole new course to learn new skills.

The great news is, that four in ten adults feel they are better at learning now than when they were in education, with one in five who have already gone back into education as adults, and more than one in three preferring to do adult learning as a remote online course. Get in.

Skills people want to develop: How to build a website: 30%, How to code: 26%, Excel: 20%, How to create and edit videos: 20%, How to analyse data: 18%, Audio visual skills: 15%, Algorithms: 14%, Where the cloud is: 14%, How to make video games: 12%, Virtual Reality: 11%

Be sure to share how you’ve put your new digital skills to the test over on our Twitter, Instagram, or on our community post.