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The future of how we will use a mobile phone

Having recently revealed how the launch of 5G will affect our data usage in 2025, we at giffgaff have continued to look towards the future of mobile.

During our recent trip to the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, we were fortunate enough to speak to some of the world’s leading technology experts, including Sony and Samsung.

Their insights helped us to put together the video below, explaining where they see mobile usage heading in the next five years:

Check out the video interview

We spoke to experts from various countries, all of whom provided insightful comments into what we can expect in the not too distant future. Here are some of the key points:

Do you believe the way in which we use mobile phones will change over the next five years?
  • “The world we live in will be even more connected” - Yosuke Someya, Senior Manager of Product Planning at Sony
  • “Consumers are thinking of smartphones as a platform for their applications” - Andrei Petrus, Director, IOT Business at Avira
  • “We're all going to get used to controlling things more with our voice” - David Murphy, Editor of Mobile Marketing Magazine
Do you believe that mobile phones will replace other consumer electronics?
  • “5G will be the tunnel that will keep all the mobility connected to the AI brain.” - Andrei Petrus, Director, IOT Business at Avira
  • “The phone or mobile device will become more ubiquitous; it's always there and it has a more consistent performance response time. That means the ability to entertain more new services and new applications that are of value to the consumer and the industries.” - Ben Pietrabella, Technology and Product Management at Aricent
  • “You won't have to wait for anything, anymore” - Kyle Brown, Head of Technology at Samsung

So, despite consumers using mobile phones for more and more everyday things, it is the expert opinion that they will never fully replace designated products. That being said, it is predicted that mobiles will continue to become even more essential parts of our daily lives, integrating more features to help us stay connected at any time we please.

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