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giffgaff's New Year Phone Predictions



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We can’t believe it either, but 2019 is slowly creeping up on us. So, it’s essential you guys prepare yourselves for the year ahead, especially when it comes to slick new phones and changing app technology.

We have a few phone predictions up our sleeves that we thought we’d share with you all, to keep you in the loop for next year for when you consider changing contract, going SIM-free or buying a swish new handset, outright.

So, here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, our New Year phone predictions:

1. Increased data usage

Earlier this year, we revealed consumer data usage will rise to 98GB per month by 2025 , and with data allowance phone packages now ranging from as little as 500MB to as much as an unlimited amount of data, it’s likely 2019 is going to see our data usage rise. This is thanks to changing needs and phone habits, like streaming Spotify podcasts, watching live Facebook vids and watching the newest episode of Making a Murderer on Netflix…

2. Curved iPhone screens

Next year, we’re likely to see Apple develop a new shape and design for the trusty iPhone, since Android already offer smooth, curved screens for consumers like you to enjoy. Curved iPhone screens would not only improve the appearance of the phones we all know and love, but also differentiate newer models from older ones to improve user experience.

The curved screen will provide a real advantage for those of you who enjoy watching Netflix from your phone, or listening to and watching YouTube videos because it frees up screen space. So, if you’re an iPhone fanatic, keep your eyes peeled for new models with updated designs.

3. Integrated voice search and interaction

Voice search is very much underway already; that’s why when you talk about that McDonalds you’ve been craving all day, a cheeky little advert pops up on your Instagram or Facebook feed, reminding you that you need to swing by soon for a Big Mac.

In 2019, we at giffgaff predict that voice search and interaction will become even more integrated with our phones, and careful consideration will be put into mobile apps by various developers to constantly improve our user experience.

Are there any phones or apps from this list moving up your Christmas list? Or, have you got a couple of alternative mobile devices, apps or settings you think are going to take 2019 by storm? We love hearing from you guys, so strike up a conversation with us; get in touch today.

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