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Providing an extra source of income for our members. Meet Muhammad, our Super Recruiter



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Say hello to Muhammad

At giffgaff, we’re all about collaboration and mutual giving. And it’s no different when it comes to finding new members to join our network, and community.

We offer our existing members rewards for introducing new members to giffgaff. Bring new members on board, and we reward you with cash. Cha-ching.

All our members have the opportunity to earn super amounts of extra cash this way. And once you’ve bought more than 15 members on board - you automatically become what we call a ‘Super Recruiter’. Hooray.

Muhammad became a Super Recruiter quite quickly, after bringing 14 new members on board in his first 2 weeks of ‘recruiting’. Top job, Muhammad. Since then, he’s been making Super Recruiting work for him, generating an extra stream of income to support himself, his online shop and his young family. All whilst helping us bring amazing new members into the giffgaff community. Super.

Earning through bringing members on board

Lots of our members use Super Recruiting as a source of extra income. And they put a lot of effort and time into bringing new members to giffgaff. So, it’s only right that we reward their brilliant effort and hard work. As a Super, you have 2 opportunities to earn up to a total of £22 per person you bring on board.

We have 3 levels of ‘Super’. How much you earn depends on how many members you recruit. And we do the maths each month and work out your rewards. Simple.

Making giffgaff work for him

Muhammad kicked off his professional career about 5 years ago, in e-commerce. Eventually, he ended up working in Business Intelligence for a large Supermarket chain. Helping them understand their customers better - and how to provide a better service.

But, he wasn’t ready to leave the day to day of running an e-commerce store behind him just yet. So, he started his own online business. Selling interior furnishings for the home, on eBay and Amazon. And now, people all over the UK can purchase lovely interior decor from Muhammads store, BuyJoy.

Muhammad had heard about giffgaff from family and friends; and social media. He checked out lots of reviews, with positive feedback. And 2 things stood out for him. One was that he didn’t need to spend a fortune to call his family abroad, with us. And the second was that he had the opportunity to gain an extra source of income, by being a giffgaff member. So, he switched network and joined us.

“I came across giffgaff and the idea of Super Recruiting - and read stories of all the members making money that way. I signed up to the giffgaff forum and spoke to some people there; did some research. And then I made a plan for using my Amazon store, to help me recruit more members to giffgaff”.

Muhammad saw the perfect opportunity to use the connections he was making, and the audience he was building with his online store, to promote giffgaff. He made it his mission to put giffgaff in front of every person that visited his BuyJoy stores. To let them know a little about our community focus, the opportunities we have for members to get involved, and the flexibility they would get, by switching to us.

As his online business has grown, so has his audience. So now, he’s able to use his ecommerce experience to help boost recruitment by putting his own money behind paid Ads and banners, that feature on his product pages. And he’s made quite a success of it.

Growing his business

When he started recruiting, Muhammad realised he had lots of younger friends and family that were unhappy with their existing mobile network. Or were looking for a new one that didn’t tie them down with a mobile phone contract, or expensive bundles. He thought that giffgaff would be a perfect match for them, with the flexibility we give all members to join, stay, get involved. Or not. So when he started recruiting, they were the first people he spoke to. And they were all keen to join us. Yippee.

Since then, Muhammad has developed an approach to recruiting that runs really smoothly for him. He adds goodybag information to the landing pages for his online store BuyJoy. And every time someone clicks to receive a SIM, he gets a small fee. He passes on the details of each person to our team, and we make sure their SIM is sent out to them, free of charge. But Muhammad goes one step further, and offers an optional next day delivery service, funded through his own company. Helping us to make our services more accessible to our members. And to provide an even faster service. What a legend.

Muhammad has bought over 100 members to giffgaff already, this year, and is keen to grow this number even further, as people from all over the UK pass through his store daily. Incredible. We’re super thankful for how much effort and time you put in, Muhammad.

Freedom and full control

We give our members complete flexibility over everything here at giffgaff. So of course it’s no different with Super Recruiting. Our Supers have the freedom to choose if and when they recruit, whether they recruit full time, part time or just a handful of people as a one-off. Members get the freedom to work it all around their existing lifestyles. Making giffgaff suit them. So, it’s something that any member would be able to take advantage of.

Muhammad sees being a Super Recruiter as another job for him - and uses it as another source of income. It gives him the flexibility to work and earn at his own pace, work around his existing roles in e-commerce, and set goals that will help him to achieve more.

“So far I have had an amazing experience with being a Super. I’ve found giffgaff so rewarding and supportive. It’s almost like being employed by them. It gives you genuine excitement when you are acknowledged by giffgaff - and rewarded when you bring people on board. And I have every opportunity to be a great success as a Super. The choice is in my hands. It encourages me to work even more.”

Being a Super has allowed Muhammad to take more risks. As he’s developed his online store and made more money from it, he’s been able to put his money back into offering a wider range of goods. And now that he earns more from his sales, he’s been able to save more. And put that money towards meeting his personal goals.

Spending his rewards, his way

Muhammad chose to spend the money he’s earned through being a Super, on what means the most to him. His young family - made up of his wife and little daughter. Recently, he was able to put his reward money towards his deposit for their first family home.

“My rewards really helped me when it came to putting my deposit down. When you’re looking for a new house, a few thousand can make all the difference. It can give you the final bit of money you need to make up that 10% deposit. Or, it could enable you to put down a larger deposit - on a much more suitable home for your family’s future. My Super rewards genuinely made a difference in my life, and were a huge help.”

Muhammad is the first to admit that although he used to play Cricket and Table Tennis as a hobby, since having his daughter - she takes up all of his time. “My daughter is my hobby now!” Well, we’re chuffed we are able to help you reach these milestones with your family, Muhammad.

To Muhammad, ‘run by you’ means being given a sense of ownership within giffgaff. ‘Providing the right services, at the right time. Contributing for the people’.

And He loves being able to help people across the UK, in a small but appreciated way. He started up his online shops for the same reason. To help make everyday items easily available to people that can’t make it to the shops, or just prefer to shop digitally. He loves being able to work around them, and make things more convenient for them.

“There are people that are unable to get out and get SIMs, for various reasons. Disability, busy work schedules, full-time parenting. I’ve come across people in various situations, but there’ll be so many more. It gives a great feeling that I can actually help in the wider society. In a small but valued way. Giving something and offering services that help. But at the same time - I’m also getting rewarded for doing my bit. That’s amazing.”

Muhammad also loves that giffgaff open up the opportunity to earn, to all members - new or old. In particular for him - younger members of his family that are studying and don’t have much money coming in, have been able to start recruiting themselves. And make giffgaff work better for them too. That’s ace.

Opportunities for all members

We love being able to give all our members the opportunity to make some extra money. In their own time, and in their own way. And it’s even better that we can encourage more great people to join the giffgaff community at the same time.

Muhammad agrees. “I would say this is a great opportunity for any member. Even if you’re starting small - with close family and friends. People that want a handy, quality service and don’t want to be bound in a contract. The process is quite simple. giffgaff make it easy and simple for you to get involved and get going. It’s only as time consuming as you choose for it to be. It all depends on your own effort and how much time you can, or want to, put into it.”.

And Muhammad’s story is proof of that. So we’d encourage all of our members to find out more about being a Super, and see how it could work for them.

Muhammad, we love being able to work with you. And help you build a future for your family at the same time. We really appreciate your dedication - and the part you play in bringing more people into our ace community. Keep smashing it!


Think Super Recruiting could work for you too? Find out more info on our website. We have some great recruiter tips there too.

And, make sure you take a look at Muhammad’s online store BuyJoy, for lovely home interior furnishings :)

Written by kiesha_p

Kiesha is a member engagement manager at giffgaff.