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Earn serious money with our Super Recruiter programme

Would you like to earn a super amount of cash for recruiting new giffgaff members? If the answer is yes then you're in the right place. Our Super Recruiter programme is designed for members who spread giffgaff above and beyond expectation each month - and we mean a lot.

It's super simple. The more new members you recruit the more you earn. Cha-ching.
Super mgm


+3 Activations per month
for 3 consecutive months.


+15 Activations per month
for 3 consecutive months.


+30 Activations per month
for 3 consecutive months.

How it works

The programme is organised into 3 levels: Master, Expert and Apprentice based on how many new members you recruit each month. The higher the level (you guessed it) the more you earn as a thank you for being a Super Recruiter.


Earn every month
like a real j-o-b

We want you to recruit as many new members as you can every month, meaning it's only fair we reward you every month.

We also want you to recruit members who share our gusto for doing mobile differently. Sticking it to the man and all that jazz. So for every new member you have the opportunity to earn on 3 separate occasions: activation and when your new members top up in their 2nd and 3rd month with us.

Terms apply.

Level Activation Reward
Top up 2 Reward
Top up 2 Reward
Master £5
Expert £5
Apprentice £5
Get started

Get started

So you think our Super Recruiter programme is pretty great. Hooray. Getting started is simple:

Become a giffgaff member.
Recruit 3+ new members for 3 consecutive months
Follow-up, make sure your recruits top up and use our community.
Once you've met the programme criteria (and keep it up each month) we'll let you know when you become a bonafide Super Recruiter. But one more thing - we need you to agree and abide by our Honour Code.

The Honour Code

As a giffgaff member I agree to abide by the programme's Honour Code:

  • I will register only one giffgaff account for the purposes of earning giffgaff Payback and commission.
  • I will only recruit real people. No fraudulent accounts please.
  • I will promote giffgaff honestly and accurately ensuring all my recruits know that giffgaff is an online-only business with a community that provides the majority of member support.
  • I will only contact people when I have their permission. I will not spam people. No one likes it.
  • I will make sure my promotional activity aligns with giffgaff's marketing; working with giffgaff rather than against. If I have any doubts about this I will refer to giffgaff's marketing tips.
  • I understand giffgaff is about mutual transparency / honesty and will provide help and feedback when requested.

When you become eligible for the programme, we'll contact you to confirm your understanding and agreement of the above Honour Code. Then you can get started.

Have questions? Please visit or post on our thread for a quick response.

For more information visit our terms and conditions

The Honour Code