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giffgaff Super Recruiter: part-time job for students



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Super Recruiter Clipart

As the name would suggest, the role of Super Recruiters is to recruit new members to giffgaff. You’ll be financially rewarded for every member you bring onboard who tops up at least twice, with bigger rewards when your recruits top up a third time, as you can see in the table bellow:

Super Recruiter Earnings

What are the benefits?

If you are looking for a part time job the giffgaff Super Recruiter program might be an option for you. It offers a great way to earn money without the limits of a traditional job and the time commitments that go along with that. This means you can work when you want with no pressure to ‘turn up to work’ on any given day - perfect for students with a busy schedule. In addition to working when you want, you can also work how you want. “Super Recruiters can distribute SIMs in many different ways. Being a Super Recruiter will develop your entrepreneurial side as you learn how best to go about your job”, says Laura O’connor - Super Recruiter manager.

part time job
Chelsea Zhang - giffgaff Super Recruiter / Source: iNews

The 27 years old student, Chelsea Zhang, is a successful Super Recruiter. When she came to Britain from China she needed a way to make money to fund her studies. Long story short, she began helping to promote giffgaff and ended up making £15,000 in three years. Now, Ms Zhang spends two hours a day recruiting members for giffgaff. Read more at “iNews”.

“I realised that earning £5 each for every activation, I could avoid getting a job and earn some extra cash this way. I signed up friends initially and then friends of friends. It helped that I was connected to a large international student community.”

Chelsea Zhang, giffgaff Super Recruiter

Q & A

I interviewed Laura O’connor, giffgaff’s Super Recruiter manager, to gain some further insight into how giffgaff supports its Super Recruiters.

How do you help Super Recruiters?

Laura: My job is essentially to support Super Recruiters, I’m their first port of call after giffgaff agents. I can help with anything from SIM distribution to providing support when Super Recruiters want to target new markets. If a Super Recruiter has a great idea, we can work together to make it a reality.

What are the advantages of being a Super Recruiter?

Laura: Being a Super Recruiter provides you with the opportunity to earn some extra cash in your own time and you get what you put in, which means you can work to a flexible timetable. You can be as creative as you like, there are many ways to do it. Being a Super Recruiter will develop your entrepreneurial side as you learn how best to go about your job.

How much can a Super Recruiter earn each month?

Laura: Ultimately there is no cap, it’s entirely you to how much you put in. Some people earn in the thousands whereas others do it for the enjoyment of sharing the giffgaff brand. You could potentially earn as much as £22 per recruit, as detailed on the Super Recruiter landing page.

What would be your advice for someone aspiring to be a Super Recruiter?

Laura: Get in contact, learn about the Super Recruiter programme and how giffgaff works. In terms of recruitment, we find it’s best to be yourself and trust your instincts. Get to know your environment and what people around you are interested in.

How to become a Super Recruiter

Becoming a Super Recruiter is as simple as recruiting new members. Once you’ve recruited 15 new members, you’ll automatically become a Super Recruiter and your earnings will correspond to how many people you bring onboard each month. You’ll be paid directly via PayPal, not via the giffgaff payback system, so you don’t have to wait for the biannual payout. More details can be found on the Super Recruiter landing page.

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