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Mythconceptions - busting refurbished phone myths



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refurbished phone myths


The term ‘refurbished phones’ often comes with some negativity and misunderstanding, about what the term actually means. Sure, refurbished phones are ‘used’ phones, but that doesn’t mean that they’re merely “cheap, second-hand phones”. Far from it.

So, in this article - we’re addressing some of the typical myths we’ve heard. And give you some extra information to help put any doubts out of your mind, around buying refurbished.

We got some of our lovely members, who have bought or used our refurbished phones before, to help us out. Because they’re the best people to ask.

Myth 1:

Refurbished phones are of poor quality

No. All giffgaff refurbished phones go through a 60 step testing process, are unlocked and are data-wiped.

will, giffgaff member

Myth 2:

Refurbished phones are only old models

Wrong. giffgaff has the latest phones. So if you want the latest tech and to save some cash - choose refurbished.

leeon, giffgaff member

Myth 3:

Refurbished phones have a poor battery life

No. That isn’t true. giffgaff thoroughly tests its phones to make sure there are zero battery issues.

leeon, giffgaff member

Myth 4:

Refurbished phones are expensive

Wrong. You save an average of 31% buying refurbished, compared to a new phone of the same model, at giffgaff.

sapphire, giffgaff member

Myth 5:

Refurbished phones don't come with a warranty

Wrong. For your peace of mind, all giffgaff refurbished phones come with a 12-month warranty.

will, giffgaff member

Myth 6:

Refurbished phones can't run the latest apps and games

Wrong. You can get some of the latest phones refurbished, which will run your favourite apps and games beautifully.

sapphire, giffgaff member

Did you have any of the above misconceptions around refurbished phones? We hope this helped to put some of your worries to rest.

In case you want to know more, you can watch these videos:

Myth: Refurbished phones are broken and faulty

Myth: Refurbished phones are of poor quality

Myth: Refurbished phones have poor battery life

Myth: Refurbished phones are all old models

The reality of buying giffgaff refurbished

Although a refurbished phone is not technically a new phone anymore, giffgaff refurbished phones work just like one.. All giffgaff refurbished phones are unlocked, data wiped and thoroughly tested, to ensure they’re in full working order.

For your peace of mind, all giffgaff refurbished phones:

  • Undergo a comprehensive 60-point check
  • Come with 12-month warranty
  • Have a 21-day no-quibble return policy

So by buying refurbished with giffgaff, you can be sure you’re buying a great quality phone that’s right for you, and is easier on your wallet.

Go on - check out our range of refurbished phones.

Written by kiesha_p

Kiesha is a member engagement manager at giffgaff.