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Tips and hacks on staying connected during COVID-19



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Tips and Hacks

Staying in isolation isn’t easy for any of us, so it’s really important to stay connected and look out for each other and keep that communication going.

Let’s take this opportunity to find out how our loved ones are doing, reconnect with friends and family who we’ve lost touch with and just check on people around us who might need our support in these times.

Our lovely giffgaffers and members have shared their top tips to stay virtually connected, so here we go!

Pick up that phone! say a quick hello or get the conversation going on social media and forums to lift the spirits up

Ring your family and friends for a chat, ti make sure they are not lonely at this time.Make the most of your minutes and texts-even if it's just to say a quick hello.Davidvarley, giffgaff member.Keep conversation going with the elderly and those that are most vulnerable.Rayelle, giffstaffer. Forums are great for sharing ideas, contributing to wider conversation and helping you feel a sense of social purpose.Cemor32, giffgaff member.You are not alone, even of you are isolated or on lockdown, the giffgaff community is always here to keep your spirits up. bluemoonbaz, giffgaff member

Share the love! Reach out to your friends, family, and colleagues and if someone goes quiet, find out how they are coping

send a message to someone you haven't spoken to in a while. Their response might be surprising. Anton, giffstaffer.Keep in touch with colleagues.Keep one another's spirit up and continue to work as a team.You could form a work WhatsApp group or do a video call at lunchtime.Cemor32, giffgaff member.Stick together (2 meters apart) and offer help to others wherever they can. It costs nothing to be nice.Richybhoy36, giffgaff member.If someone goes quiet, be sure that they are okay and coping well.Cemor32, giffgaff member.

Hope these tips were useful. In case you are feeling vulnerable or want to have a chat, the giffgaff community is always here to support

Stay positive and stay safe.

Written by shainak

Shaina is a Content and Engagement Manager at giffgaff