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Tips and hacks for working from home during COVID-19



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Tips and Hacks

It’s no secret that the country is facing a really difficult time right now, with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak and the UK being put under Lockdown.

Times like these can be scary and testing for a lot of us. This is why we think it’s important - now more than ever - to keep our giffgaff community spirit alive and see this through together.

No doubt it’s a stressful time for many. Having to manage new ways of working, looking after loved ones and even just navigating through daily life. But, the giffgaff community has always been a strong community, with members that are truly there to support one another and we could all probably do with an extra dose of that support, at this time.

Whether it’s actively encouraging one another to stay positive and occupied, understanding how to navigate the media better at this frantic time and managing entertaining our kids at home. We’re sure many of you can relate to at least one of these things.

So, we thought it would be a lovely idea for all of us to share our top tips and life hacks at this time.

We’ve been gathering various tips and life hacks from both members and staff, on ‘staying connected’, ‘staying positive’, ‘working from home’, ‘entertaining children at home’, ‘digesting the media’ and ‘defeating boredom’.

We’ve put these tips and hacks together in a series of blogs, to help you out during this time.

So, here are some top tips from working from home.

Many of us will have to work from home over the next few weeks, or even months. So, we thought it’d be worth sharing some top tips around managing your new working environment. Including if you have little ones running around...

Firstly, a few to make sure you’re set up for success with working from home, from the off.

Let in as much natural light in, as possible. Maybe get a ‘SAD’ light which imitates the sun’s rays, helps boost your mood and reduces tiredness. Nigel, giffstaffer. Define a workstation - to help you get into work mode and concentrate. If it’s not easy finding a specific space - folding laptop trays work a treat! Graham, giffstaffer. Try to keep your morning routine similar. Get up around the same time as usual, have your shower and eat breakfast as normal. Dez, giffstaffer. Make a to-do list and update it everyday to keep yourself on track and make sure you don't fall behind. Cemor32, giffgaff member

But also remember, staying active and taking breaks is just as important as the working part of working from home.

Set your alarm for every few hours - to get up and move about. Have a stretch, get that coffee and EAT-  even if it’s just a little snack. Arletta, giffstaffer. Plan your lunch. What are you going to have today? While you’re having lunch - maybe call a friend or family member and eat together. Don’t stay totally isolated. Sandy, giffstaffer. Try going for regular walks through the day - even if it’s just around the garden. The fresh air can help take your mind off things. Ria, giffstaffer. Try to stay exercising. If you don’t have a garden - have a bit of a walk around the house, or use an online workout routine Sham, giffstaff

And there are also various things you can do to help you maintain focus, ensure you still stay well connected, compartmentalise your day to help feel like you’re getting the most from it, and make sure you are taking good care of yourself.

For anybody struggling with focusing, give the Pomodoro method a try. There are plenty of apps on both the Google Play store and the Apple store to help you. Srebrena, giffstaffer. It's important to make sure you keep in touch with colleagues, keep each others’ spirits up, and continue to work as a team. Create a WhatsApp group, or use your usual Messenger platforms to do a video call at lunchtime. Cemor32, giffgaff member . Master video calling - if you have meetings to attend, give yourselves an extra 5 minutes before each one starts, to make sure you’re connected, your mic and video are working - and you’ve got any files ready. Paul, giffstaffer. If you have back to back meetings, take the time to change location between them - even if it’s just switching sides of the sofa. It may help you to recall each meeting better, and help it not feel like your day has just been one long meeting. Colin, giffstaffer. The most important thing is to look after yourself, and one another. If someone goes quiet, be sure to check in on them and make sure that they are ok and coping well. Cemor32, giffgaff member. Make sure you set your alarm for finish time - and shut down for the day! Adele, giffstaffer

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For now - stay positive and stay safe, everyone.

Written by shainak

Shaina is a Content and Engagement Manager at giffgaff