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The 5 Best Entertainment Apps For Kids During Christmas



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Christmas is right around the corner, and as well as shopping for the latest ‘Hairdorabl’ Mystery Doll, Don’t Step In It game or the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express LEGO kit to put under the Christmas tree, you’ll be looking around for new entertainment apps to keep the little ones occupied during the festive period.

So, we’ve rounded up the five best entertainment apps for kids throughout the Christmas holidays, to give you a little peace, and the kids something else to be excited about during the exciting festive season.

1. Elf Yourself

Elf yourself is the ultimate interactive Christmas app and even better, it’s free. You and your kids can feature in your own little Christmas video dressed as elves, meaning you don’t have to physically dress up this Christmas, instead, you can just use this nifty app.

Power the Elf Yourself app up and choose from one of many ready-made video templates. Then, kids can add their faces, your faces and even your pet’s faces to the dancing elves on-screen. What’s even more entertaining is, the kids can then share this on social media for your other relatives to watch and enjoy.

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

What would a Christmas for the kids be without the Grinch? As well as watching the new film, or reading this famous Christmas book in print, you can keep your youngsters entertained with the How the Grinch Stole Christmas app.

Yes, it may cost £3.99, but it’s worth every penny to see the excitement on your children’s faces while they read The Grinch all by themselves, with your help or using the clever auto play feature.

This app is also fab for educational development, since you’re encouraging your kiddies to read over the Christmas period, while they’re on their school holidays. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is available for both Apple and Android phones.

3. North Pole

This free Christmas app does exactly what it says on the tin; it takes your kids to the North Pole, right from the sofa in your living room. This free Christmas entertainment app is jam packed with interactive games, festive recipes and even offers your children the chance to write letters directly to Santa. The North Pole app really is a winner, suitable for the whole family – even you parents out there.

4. Toca Hair Salon

We all know Santa is just too busy to trim his beard over the Christmas period; after all, he has a lot of toys and other gifts to deliver. That’s why the free Toca Hair Salon app is so great; it gives your kiddies the chance to tidy up Santa’s appearance once and for all.

Your little ones can choose to shave all of his facial hair, trim it, or give him a complete facial-hair makeover. The kids will love the different tools that come with making-over Santa; they can even dye his hair green to match the Christmas tree…

5. Gingerbread Dress Up

This free entertainment app is perfect for the kids at Christmas. They can get into the Christmas spirit before the festivities even begin, by decorating the interactive gingerbread cookies that feature in this fun game. Plus, it saves you having to bake a batch…

Have you found an entertainment app that would be perfect for the kids this Christmas? Get in touch with us and tell us about it, we’re always looking for new ideas, especially since the little ones can get bored over the Christmas period.

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