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The 5 Must-Have Apps During the Christmas Period



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Christmas is right around the corner, which means a hell of a lot of clothes, gift, food and decorative shopping needs to be done. What better way to keep everything under control than with a diverse range of fab apps to help us organise our lives at this busy time, entertain us and do some of the hard work for us?

Here at giffgaff, we know a thing or two about mobile phones and all of the tech that comes along with these smart devices. We wanted to spread our wisdom (and holiday cheer) by sharing the five apps you need to get your mitts on this Christmas season. All of which have been chosen with every single one of you in mind. So, here it goes, these are our top five apps to download this Christmas.

1. Santa’s Bag

Christmas gifting may be fun, but it’s also pretty stressful. So many people to buy for…so little time. Well, the Santa’s Bag app is here to make sure you keep your ducks in a row. This app lets you easily organise your shopping list, manage different people’s presents, register gift receipts and even has a Christmas countdown timer, to keep you alert of how long you have to complete your list, at all times.

2. Tender

This app is for the ultimate foodies. Recognise the name? It sounds a little bit like the dating app at least one of our mates uses - ‘Tinder’, right? Well, that’s basically the point. This clever app showcases the latest food recipes for Xmas dining in the same way Tinder does, but instead you have a date with cooking, not a love interest…

Tender presents pictures of yummy foods that you can swipe right to receive the recipe, or swipe left to move onto the next food option. Pretty clever, right? This app is ace for those of you who are in charge of hosting over Christmas, offering you a range of different recipes to feast your eyes on and cook yourself.

3. Christmas Radio

You can try and hide it all you want, but Christmas just isn’t Christmas without those festive tunes blaring out of our speakers. That’s why Christmas Radio is the best music app to download at Christmas; it gives you access to over a whopping 50 festive radio stations and, better yet, you don’t have to pay a penny to use it. The Christmas Radio app plays all of your favourite and famed Christmas anthems; it even has you bopping away to songs you forgot even existed. This app is fun-loving and is a great one to download ahead of Christmas catch-up drinks with your long-distance pals.

4. Secret Santa Tombola

So, the office, your uni pals or even your family, have got you in-line for this secret santa gifting malarky, so you can all exchange gifts and guess who got who at the Xmas do.

However, organising secret santa requires all of you to meet up and pick a name out of a hat, so the secret shopping can begin. Well, not anymore. Now, you have the Secret Santa Tombola app, perfect for you and your gang during the Xmas holidays. This app basically selects your chosen gifter in private and notifies you as to who you’re buying for.

Secret Santa Tombola even asks you a number questions, based around gift ideas and preferences. This is so the person who gets you as their secret santa, has a good idea of what kind of gift to get you.

5. Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight may cost 99p, but it really is worth it for the entertainment factor it brings. For you gamers out there, this is a nifty little Christmas app that will keep you entertained while the turkey is roasting in the oven, along with all the trimmings. This Christmas game involves you dodging snowballs being virtually thrown your way, while you throw them back at your enemies.

Have you downloaded any Christmas apps that we’ve missed out and deserve some recognition? Well, don’t be shy. We love hearing from you all, and we’re always up for a good discussion. So, get in touch on today and start sharing your app ideas with us.

Written by wsjudd

Will is a gadget fanatic, working from cafes and gadget-infused mega-hovels to turn caffeine into technology articles. Follow him on Twitter @wsjudd and check out his newly redesigned tech review site!