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Top 3 free fitness apps to you keep on track



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If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to keep track of your progress as you strive to get, and stay fit. But it can be easy to lose focus and so lose track of how far you’ve come, no matter how much of a fitness fanatic you may be. In turn, this can have an adverse effect on your fitness as you start to neglect your routine.

So, how do you stay on course? I have three three free fitness apps to recommend. They will help you to stay on track with your exercise and, most important, keep you motivated. Setting goals and sharing your successes make it a lot easier to get fit.

Google Fit

google fit

For fitness tracking, there are few apps that are better than Google Fit. This workout tracker was developed by Google and utilises sensors in a user’s activity tracker or mobile phone; these record your fitness activities as you workout.

Google Fit marks your pace, route, speed and evaluation. You will see real-time statistics of your exercise and you can also set different goals for how far you walk, how many steps you take and how many calories you’ve burned.


map my fitness

Track and map all your workouts with MapMyFitness. As well as keeping a firm hold on your exercising, you will also receive feedback and statistics on how you can improve your performance. If you’re serious about seeing results then this feedback is vital. There are over 600 types of activities this app can track, including yoga, running, walking, cycling and gym workouts, just to name a few.

Audio feedback on each GPS-tracked workout is available, as well as customisable voice feedback. Diet planning and weight tracking are also handy features available with MapMyFitness, making it more than just a fitness/ exercise tracker.

You can also find new and local places to workout and save your favourite paths; you also have the option to share this information with your friends. Groovy.



This free app makes a fantastic fitness tracker for those who exercise every day. A GPS system is used to track your routes, whether you run, walk, bike or jog. It’s also possible to use Runtastic on various gym equipment, it is very effective on treadmills.

The information tracked by Runtastic is then used to create comprehensive graphs and tables to show how you are progressing. Set running goals and share your successes directly to Facebook and Twitter so you become accountable to your mates. This is great for serious athletes.

Knowing how well you’re doing will help keep you motivated to keep going and perform harder. Seeing steady gains and overall results in your training is inspirational, whether you are training for a race or training to improve your health. No matter which fitness tracker you choose, you’re a champ.

Written by hellen_b

Hellen is a content expert at giffgaff.