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Top free apps in 2018 (Android and iOS)



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The number of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store is continuously growing but there are some apps that have not let the competition beat them and have become the most downloaded free apps in 2018. Do you have them all?

Top free iOS and Android apps in 2018

Smartphones have become a big part of our lives and along with that there are apps that we constantly use. Whether it’s for chatting, playing games, sharing photos or anything else, we all use apps in one way or another and we use some more than others. Social media has really taken over to a great extent so it’s probably no surprise that some of the key platforms have made it to the top of the charts. So, without further ado let’s get into the most downloaded Android and iOS free apps in 2018.


Despite trust in Facebook collapsing earlier this year, Facebook still keeps its spot in the top apps of the year. It’s probably no surprise when stats show that around 85% of smartphone owners use Facebook. I personally no longer use it but good on Facebook for retaining the top-10 position.

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It’s the largest and most popular video sharing and video watching platform on the world wide web and with a large population owning smartphones, it’s only right that it’s one of the most downloaded free apps. It’s incredibly entertaining and suits all ages due to the wide range of content out there. It makes for a great hosting provider too, so you can share your videos with whoever you like and embed them on your site too. I mean, there’s not really much else I can say. YouTube is awesome and we’d all be lost without it.

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It’s fair to say that Facebook have made the top charts twice since Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform owned by them. It’s primarily a smartphone app but can be used on a desktop for viewing; uploads can only be done via the app. Most people use it to share their own photos and videos while those that don’t create use it for inspiration or for pure entertainment. After all, with short videos included, it has quickly become the replacement for Vine and a top spot for memes too.

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Snapchat quickly became a very popular app due to it’s unique feature of sharing photos that disappeared after x amount of seconds (set by the user). They expanded the app with the use of stories, which only displayed for 24 hours. It was a very unique app though not so much now as Instagram ripped the stories feature and it seems to be more popular. Regardless, Snapchat is still incredibly popular with almost 200 million daily active users and it’s still one of the top most downloaded free apps today.

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Remember sending text messages? I mean, you probably still do but just not in the standard way. Since WhatsApp came along, the traditional way of messaging has been put to the side for many reasons. WhatsApp is not only free but it can be used on your 3G/4G as well as Wi-Fi but it also allows you to share media at no cost. That was initially its biggest benefit. It still is but what’s even more beneficial is that you can now make voice and video calls through the app and, of course, it’s free. This is a huge benefit especially for those who need or want to call people abroad. Calling cards? What calling cards? WhatsApp has made life easy for majority of us in a lot of ways so it totally deserves being one of the top most downloaded free apps.

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TikTok is a Chinese start-up’s social media app that really kicked off this year. It’s essentially a mix of’s lip-syncing gimmick, Snapchat’s filters and Vine’s very short video format. It became the most download iOS app in the first quarter of this year and has continued to gain popularity.

You can follow others and watch their content or you can do that while having a go yourself. You have 15-seconds to record yourself and you can be as amusing as you want. Add a sound, lip-sync to it and you’re good to go. If you loved Vine then you’re most probably going to enjoy TikTok.

Download TikTok for iOS | Android


iOS and Android users have been loving Netflix, hence it made it to being one of the most free downloaded apps of 2018. While the app is free, you need a Netflix subscription to watch content but it’s totally worth it. It’s been useful for me personally as I don’t have a TV subscription and don’t think it’s worth paying for. Netflix is full of movies, series and documentaries and that’s why it’s so popular. It has original movies too, which is cool. It’s the perfect app for binge-watching when you’re having a really lazy day #NetflixAndChill.

Download Netflix for iOS | Android


It’s almost crazy to think that there are millions of apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, yet it’s very easy to narrow it down to just a few of the most downloaded. This list goes to show that social media is really taking over our digital lives but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It also shows how so many of us use and love the same apps, no matter where in the world we are.

Now that the top most downloaded free apps have been listed, the question is how many of them do you have?

Written by shadylady

Sadia produces tech reviews, tech tips & tutorial videos at XALIRATE.