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Top paid apps in 2018 (Android and iOS)



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With so many apps on the App Store, looking for good apps can be difficult. More so with paid apps because you want to make sure they’re good before you purchase. In this blog, I round up the top paid apps in 2018.

Top paid apps in 2018 - Android and iOS

Minecraft - £6.99

I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of Minecraft because it’s been incredibly popular. It’s at the top of the charts for both Android and iOS.

If you’re not familiar with it then it’s essentially a game that lets you explore infinite worlds and build homes and really great castles. You can also craft weapons to fend off the dangerous mobs. It’s all about exploring and surviving and you can do it alone or you can choose to play with friends for some competitive fun.

Buy Minecraft for iOS | Android

Football Manager - £8.99

Football Manager is an app for football enthusiasts. It lets you experience realistic management with your favourite club. You can base yourself across 17 countries and, essentially, be the boss at one of the world’s top clubs. Any game tactics and any transfers are entirely up to you, after all you’re the boss. The app has a large database of over 21,000 active players and custom options across leagues can be set.

It’s the perfect app for anyone remotely interested in football and managing a club.

Buy Football Manager for iOS | Android

Official DVSA Theory - £4.99

This is the official DVSA (driver and vehicle standards agency) app for the car theory and hazard perception test. DVSA are the ones who set the tests, so I’d strongly recommend you use this app to help with your learning if you’re looking to take your theory test, prior to taking your practical. Being able to drive is a great skill to have, so I wouldn’t waste time looking at free apps just because they’re free.

Not only does the app include the official Highway Code but it also features 20 hazard perception test videos, practice and mock tests as well as tracking your progress, so you know exactly when you’re ready to take the real one.

The DVSA set the official theory test that you’ll be taking so spending £4.99 on the official app will make it worth your while. You’re likely to pass quicker too as some of the questions will come up in your actual test and the quicker you pass your theory test, the quicker you’ll be on the road.

Buy Official DVSA Theory for iOS | Android

The Chase - £1.99

This game is based off of the popular ITV show. Test your general knowledge skills and build up your cash. You’ll then go up against the quiz brain: The Chaser. Question is, will you be able to take on The Chaser and get all your money back to the prize fund?

It’s an interesting quiz game and if you love watching the show then you’ll definitely enjoy playing the official game too.

Buy The Chase for iOS | Android

1 Second Everyday - £4.99

This is an incredible photo and video app that lets you watch back a second of every day in your life, from whenever you start the project of course. Now how’s that for a throwback movie? The app has been featured by Apple, BBC, CNN and more, so it’s not just any old app.

You’ve probably got a whole mix of videos, some of which are vertical. That mix is surely going to ruin the look of the video but fret not because the app has a rotate feature, so you can fill the frame nicely. You’re also in control of the length of the project, so you can have it based on a single season, half a year, a whole year or more, it’s completely up to you. And to make sure you don’t miss a day, the app will remind you so can get a complete glimpse of your days. I’m a huge fan of this and would recommend it because watching back memories is truly amazing and this is a super cool and quick way of doing it. With New Years not so far away, it might just be the right time to get it so you can start your very own “365 days in the life of me” video.

Buy 1 Second Everyday for iOS | Download it for free on Android


There are thousands of really good paid apps in the App Store and the Google Play Store, so narrowing it down certainly wasn’t easy but finding the popular ones was, hence the list above. Do any of them tickle your fancy? They’re all suited to different audiences but I think 1 Second Everyday is an amazing app for everyone. It’s definitely been my favourite app this year.

Written by shadylady

Sadia produces tech reviews, tech tips & tutorial videos at XALIRATE.