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How do I buy a goodybag with a voucher?

Just pop over to our voucher page to buy a goodybag with a voucher.

Alternatively, you can dial 43430 and choose option 2.

You should take care to avoid redeeming credit from a voucher if the intention is to buy a goodybag from the credit. The reasons are:

  • If your phone has data switched on and you have no remaining goodybag data, your phone is likely to instantly use some of that credit to do outstanding tasks such as checking for updates and downloading emails. That will immediately use up a penny or two of your new credit, possibly leaving you with an insufficient balance to buy the intended goodybag
  • If that doesn't happen, it is easy to forget to buy the goodybag from the credit
  • It's easier to buy the goodybag safely, using one of the methods above

Redeem my voucher

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