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How long does it take to receive my new SIM?

Typically, your giffgaff SIM should arrive within:

  • UK - 2 business days (or next business day if ordered before 5.00pm)
  • Europe - 3-5 business days
  • Rest of the world - 5+ business days

If you have been waiting more than 7 days for the arrival of a SIM then please proceed to contact an agent. It is possible the SIM has been lost in transit and will require re-ordering.

If you've lost/had your SIM stolen then please head to the replacement SIM page under Help to bar your SIM and request a replacement. If it is ordered prior to 1pm, typically it'll arrive the following working day. The replacement SIM will arrive in an envelope saying "Oops, don't worry, we'll get you back on track".

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