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6 recycling ideas to try at home

giffgaff recently teamed up with the lovely Besma from the blog ‘Curiously Conscious’ to share recycling ideas that you can do from your home. Take it away, Besma..

A refurbished phone has been the latest item in my life that I’ve given a go, and been happily surprised with the results. So, to continue on that theme and in celebration of the Recycle Week, I decided to share a few other recycling ideas you may wish to try (oh, and did I mention that all of this content was created with my refurbished phone?)

1. Upcycled jars

Want a creative, low-impact gift idea? Upcycle a jar! This jar of chocolate and Brazilian nuts was recently given to me by a close friend, and I love both the simplicity and thoughtfulness

2. Recycled birthday cards

Are you like me, and you sometimes save pretty birthday cards? Well, I’ve come up with a way to enjoy them all year round – display them as pictures! Some of my favourite artwork around my home is actually a card gifted to me by a friend.

3. Second-hand clothing

As we’re on the topic of recycling, and it’s September, I just have to mention second-hand fashion and giffgaff has a fantastic article on “Top 3 apps to sell your clothes online”. You definitely should check it out! Whether you join in with #SecondHandSeptember and #RecycleWeek, or you do it all year round, there’s equally great benefits to wearing second-hand clothes, and you could even swap them between friends or family.

4. Repainted plant pots

A few years ago I decided to make my home more sustainable, and upcycling plant pots was one simple way I added both style and plants into my space. This one has been with me through a few house moves now!

5. Vintage furniture

Another great way to enjoy recycling is to go on the lookout for vintage furniture. This chair, and its accompanying table, came from a local flea market, and were far cheaper [homewares]( than anything new.

6. Refurbished phone

And finally, I have to mention my refurbished phone again. Technology has always been difficult to navigate sustainably, so I’m really pleased to say that I think refurbished phones are the way to go! I love second-hand fashion, vintage furniture, so why not refurbished tech too? Thank you to giffgaff for providing this circular option.

Feeling inspired to start a refurbished project? Check out our Recycle Week Content over on the Refurbished hub, for lots of hints and tips on all things recycling, refurbished and upcycling. Be sure to share your top refurbishing and recycling tips over on our Twitter, Instagram, or on our community post.

Written by Curiously Conscious. Besma believes in a kinder way to look stylish. She discusses sustainable fashion, clean beauty, low-impact lifestyle, and more, over on her blog and Instagram page.