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Are You The Ultimate Mobile Adventurer?

So you reckon you're a might mobile adventurer, do you? Someone who can scan the mobile landscape, resisting the persuasive powers of sales assistants, and glean vital mobile saving information all by yourself?

You do? Hmm, time to put that claim to the test.

Sure, you might be savvy enough to know how to unlock mobile phones or where to look for the best SIM only deals online, but are you aware that texts and minutes are quickly becoming obsolete? Or that 24% of iPhone users are walking round with cracked screens in their pockets? ...Do you even know how much data you're using per month?

Why not test your mobile knowledge and take part in our Ultimate Mobile Adventurer game? It's really easy and won't take much of your time: all you have to do is answer a few simple questions and follow the wavy arrows to reveal your ultimate score. Once you're done you can let the world know how mobile savvy you are by tweeting your score online.

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