Get ready for 5G

We’re thrilled to say that our 5G network is on its way. We’re still tinkering under the bonnet, and we think you’ll be pleased as punch when it arrives.

Time to get excited about 5G

Whether you’re a gamer, movie fanatic, or just trying to prove a point to your pals on a night out, 5G offers something for everyone.

  • Faster speeds

    Blink and you’ll miss it. Download a full movie before your morning commute. Enjoy top quality video calling on the go. Easily upload big files out and about.

  • A more reliable connection

    Experience a more reliable connection in busy places. It’s designed so that thousands of people can stand in the same place and upload and download unlike ever before.

  • Lag-free network response

    In the future, the time it takes for a network to respond is going to be a game changer for highly sensitive jobs that involve minute inputs and real-time feedback. From being the last one standing in a battle royale, to video calling your family in Australia, with the potential to even assist with remote surgery. Whatever your need, it’ll be lag-free.

Get 5G-ready, today

Get ready for 5G with our range of 5G-ready phones. Your 5G phone will work with the 4G SIM you get today. So you’re ready to roll. Check back here for 5G updates. Easy peasy.