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ideas Our members are at the heart of everything we do. They are the Bonnie to our Clyde, the chutney to our cheese, the milk to our tea. You get the picture.

Our members play the most important role developing and shaping giffgaff into what it is and where it's going. Not only do our members do a great job of running the forums, inspiring the community, and generally spreading the good word of giffgaff far and wide, they've also given us our best ideas, from how they want their mobile network run, to what they want in the future.

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Recent member ideas that are up and running

  • The ability to start your goodybag early
    Live since: 29 September 2014
    Our most popular idea from 2014. You can now end a goodybag early or start your queued one sooner giving you more control over your allowance, what you want and when.
    Inspired by: bwals92, aaronz, peter
    Threads discussing this topic: 1, 2
  • New goodybag with higher data for tethering
    Live since: 24 September 2014
    With the support of over 700 votes, our new £15 goodybag with 5GB, unlimited minutes, unlimited calls and free giffgaff to giffgaff calls now lives.
    Inspired by: roshpl, vampiresoul, andyhurley
    Threads discussing this topic: 1

  • Try 4G for free
    Live since: 6 November 2014
    When we introduced 4G, members could buy their 4G goodybag at no extra cost to their usual 3G favourite.
    Inspired by: erikslom, yuwa, joekeown
    Threads discussing this topic: 1
  • Promoting that giffgaff phones are unlocked
    Live since: 24 August 2014
    We like to keep things simple. No contract. No being tied down and our members love that all our phones come unlocked. They wanted this to be prominent on the page when prospective giffgaffers get a phone from us. So now it is. Easy.
    Inspired by: bertiebat , w69d, dazoo
    Threads discussing this topic: 1
  • See who's on giffgaff
    Live since: 19 October 2014
    On your official giffgaff iPhone or Android app, you can now see who in your contacts is on giffgaff. So you know you can call your mum for free, and get your mate on giffgaff so you can both enjoy the £5 referral credit.
    Inspired by: janetihill, cherrycoke1983, shabazmoqsud
    Threads discussing this topic: 1, 2
  • Keep unlimited minutes on the £10 goodybag
    Live since: 18 March 2014
    Our members believe our £10 goodybag is unbeatable - and when we trialled unlimited minutes instead of the previous 250, they really wanted us to secure the new allowance permanently. You'll notice your £10 goodybag now and forever has unlimited minutes.
    Inspired by: bmw4175, navvy, personifiedmadness
    Threads discussing this topic: 1, 2
  • Advise members to give that soon to be gone balance to charity
    Live since: 19 October 2014
    When you join giffgaff, your credit on your old network disappears. Our members are a charitable bunch and we now have some information to let our members know how to donate that cash to the charity of their choice, including other ways credit can be used.
    Inspired by: adam98675, mutchy126, rifat2
    Threads discussing this topic: 1, 2
  • Promote the Payback charities even further
    Live since: 4 December 2014
    Every 6 months our members donate thousands of pounds to two charities of their choice. This idea asked us to also create Justgiving pages for the top nominated charities to encourage even more money going towards helping raising funds.
    Inspired by: bertiebat, simonefaye78, shortylumber
    Threads discussing this topic: 1, 2, 3

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