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Cheap iPhones - Find a great price on a pre-owned iPhone

All our phones are unlocked

Free next business day delivery on orders before 11PM

No contracts just great value pay as you go phones

Our cheap iPhones grading explained

Good: These iPhones are in perfectly usable condition. They’ve lived a good life and they’re fully functional with only some minor wear and tear.
Very Good: These iPhones are in very good condition. You’d have to look closely to tell it isn't a new iPhone.
Excellent: These phones look practically brand new. They’re in great condition with no marks or scratches on the screen.

All of our cheap pre-owned iPhones get a battery check before they're added to our marketplace.

Why choose giffgaff?

No contracts

Great value flexible plans where you're in control. Change month to month or cancel anytime.

Online support 24/7

Our super helpful members are available to offer support around the clock.


We're chuffed to be uSwitch Network of the Year 2017

All the phones we sell come unlocked. Which means you can just pop in any SIM and off you go. Easy peasy.
We offer free next business day delivery, so you'll have your phone tomorrow if you order before 10pm Mon-Thurs or before 7pm on Sunday. Some locations (e.g. outside mainland UK) can take up to 4 business days.
Phone delivery is totally free.
You can cancel your order within 14 days following the day of delivery for a full refund.
We accept all major bank cards.
All our phones come with a free giffgaff SIM. If you're already a giffgaff member and enjoying life with no contracts then why not give the SIM to one of your mates and help set them free.

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