At giffgaff we harness the power of people. Challenge the established way. Improve it.

We are and always have been a connectivity business that is driven by a strong desire to do the right thing. Through transparent authenticity we remain committed to our founding principle of mutual benefit. To us, mutuality has always been about giving back to our members and being environmentally responsible (giffgaff means ‘mutual giving’ after all). More than ever before our commitment is to give back to both people and planet.

Our commitment to the planet

As a business that puts community first, our ambition has always been to limit our environmental impact - as we strive for a future that is sustainable above all else. Improving our environmental performance is a key part of our business strategy and is important to our smart, savvy and progressive members.

A circular economy

Today the UK has 55 million unused phones sitting in drawers*. We aim to get unused handsets back into circulation by creating a circular economy for phones. We do this through our phone trade-in offer ‘Sell My Phone’ so that handsets can be refurbished, and those that can’t be refurbished, will instead be ethically recycled.

Reducing mobile e-waste

In 2020 refurbished phones are set to account for half of our total phone sales, presenting a 21% increase on the year before. As we continue to encourage people to ‘Choose Refurbished’ our ambition is to sell more refurbished phones than new by 2022.

Reducing mobile e-waste and reducing the number of phones that go to landfill is a fundamental part of our evolving sustainability strategy.

Net zero by 2025

It doesn’t stop there. For our SIM packs we use 95% recyclable paper, which is FSC accredited and use HP Indigo printing, reducing wastage down to nearly zero compared to traditional printing methods which allow 5-10% waste during production.

It is our objective in line with that of our parent company to be ‘net zero’ by 2025, by balancing the amount of greenhouse gases we produce and the amount we remove from the atmosphere.

A healthier planet

It is our responsibility as a disruptor brand that is run by you, to contribute towards a healthier planet in which communities can live and stay connected.

In 2019, 46% of all our phones sold were refurbished.

In 2020 our refurbished phones sales will make up 50% of all phone sales.