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Get a SIM-only deal from giffgaff and enjoy the flexibility and savings that come with it.

Note: Our gigabags don't work as add-ons for your goodybags. They are monthly data-only plans.

Our data-only plans include 4G at no extra cost and only come with data. They do not work as bolt-ons for your goodybags.

Members will need to add top up credit if they need to make call and send texts.

Yes. Members can use their current smart device and will be using 3G data service instead of 4G.

Don’t worry if you’ve used up all your data before your plan expires. You can start using your next gigabag with a new allowance.

If you've used up all your data before your plan expires, a rate of 2p per MB for data will apply. That’s if you choose not to purchase your next gigabag early.

Great news. Tethering is permitted on all our plans that have a limited service.

Why choose data-only SIM plans?

Our gigabags are SIM-only 4G data plans designed specifically for your dongle, iPad or tablet SIM. These marvellous data plans keep you connected to the Internet while on the move, and give you the flexibility to tether to other devices.

Our gigabags are designed to be used if you have an iPad, tablet or dongle that requires a SIM but you don’t currently have a provider for mobile Internet. With a giffgaff SIM in your device you can enjoy our 4G data plans. And because they’re SIM-only data deals, you can change them each month if you want to and not a contract in sight. Nice one.

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