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Hi... it's time to 'untether'

Your giffgaff internet access has been blocked for 30 minutes as you have been using it in a way that suggests your giffgaff SIM has been tethered to a non-mobile phone device (like a tablet or PC.) Please untether your device and you’ll be able to access the Internet again at the end of the 30 minutes.

Please be aware that if you tether your giffgaff SIM to a non-mobile phone device again, we may prevent you from purchasing unlimited data goodybags again in the future.

While tethering is allowed under our ‘limited internet’ goodybags and gigabags, it’s not under our unlimited internet goodybags. This is set out in our ts&cs. We do this to protect the data experience of the vast majority of our members over the few - tethering can take up a disproportionate amount of network capacity.

If you believe you're using your data allowance in a way that's entirely consistent with our ts&cs and have been blocked in error, please contact a giffgaff agent to raise your case.

Thank you,

The giffgaff team