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Unlock Nokia Lumia 520

unlock your Nokia Lumia 520

We’re not aware of any free method to unlock your Nokia 520, however there are a few paid methods below.

Your first option is to speak with your current network provider who will often provide you with an unlocking code for a small fee, this often depends on how long you’ve been with them and different networks have different requirements. To find out about unlocking your phone with your current network, as well as costs and how long it will take, visit our Unlocking quick start guide.

If you can’t get it unlocked with with your current network or don’t want to wait, there are a number of other sites that can help. Again there will be a small cost involved, but these services can often do it more quickly than the Network.

Select your current network from the menu below and you will see a list of all services who can unlock the Nokia 520. Please do leave a review and rate the service as this will help other members to choose their service in the future.

How to Unlock Nokia Lumia 520

Choose the current mobile network that your phone is locked to; so we can help you choose the best way to unlock your phone based on price, service rating and time.

Note:This particular phone supports an unlocking method known as a Dual Sim or TurboSIM.

The Dual SIM method works by attaching a small device to your existing SIM card to alter normal operation.