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unlocking with O2

Are O2 phones unlocked?
O2 locks most pay monthly phones and pay as you go phones.

How to unlock a phone with O2?
There will be a £15 charge for O2 Pay & Go customers and this can only be done after 12 months.
Pay monthly customers can unlock their handset for free at any time. 
Unlock your phone here: My O2 online.

Is there a charge to unlock a phone? Does a time limit apply?
O2 pay monthly customers are not subject to a time limit and can unlock their phone free of charge at any point in their contract.
O2 pay as you go customers must wait at least 12 months after purchase before they can unlock their handset. A charge of £15 applies, which O2 deducts from customer’s airtime balance.

How long does it take?
O2 unlocks pay monthly phones within 72 hours. Customers unlocking a pay as you go O2 phone will be sent a code to unlock their phone within three days of O2’s receipt of a phone unlocking application form.

Visit O2 for more information on how to unlock